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For me monster hunter doesn’t feel like itself anymore

MonsterHunterWorld3 - For me monster hunter doesn't feel like itself anymore

Let me just start this off by saying that I definitely enjoy world and it's fights as well as some of its mechanics but to be honest especially after the release of fatalis monster hunter doesn't feel like it's self.

I started playing mh4u around early 2015 and whilst I expected it to be some generic RPG with some cool combat it wasn't. I was only 13 at the time and admittedly the start was extremely confusing but once I got into the gathering hub quests I was hooked immediately and playing in groups of 3 helped me to find hunting buddies and comrades which I think is much harder with the new SOS system and gathering hubs although some people are nice. The game took me some getting used to with its clunky moves etc but that was part of the charm. I will never forget fighting monsters like ukanlos, dalmadur and gogzamios for the first time as they were a great balance between spectacle, a great fight and fairness due to their telegraphed/clear moves.

I feel like world's fights play much different with very different playstyles for certain weapons as well as a much different combat style with all the new mechanics and monster a.i and with some monsters like alatreon which I love/hate they are at least somewhat telegraphed like old games but with fatalis and some of the other endgame monsters they have very little telegraph which just feels like artificial difficulty. On top of this there used to be much less 1 shot or 2 shot moves in monster hunter compared to now and waaaaaay less novas which I now hate since every monster seems to have for no reason.


My final difference I feel is with the armour builds and weapon choice as I was only 13 back when I started I would just choose armour based on appearance and not skills or stats so obviously some monsters were much harder like Kirin with huge negative thunder Def. However, it was still very possible to deal with endgame monsters with whatever gear you wanted (as long as it was suitable rarity) and whatever build/weapon type. For example I beat white fatalis with a lava set and an unupgraded stygian zinogre axe. However now with the endgame content I feel you are forced to run certain skills or weapons just to meet damage requirements/timers for no reason just adding more artificial difficulty and forcing you to play extremely aggressively even if that is not the way you normally hunt. The idea that you now must change your gear specifically to fight a single monster when the game is about variety is absurd imo at least. And the fact that each new monster release has to be stronger or more difficult with better gear makes the game feel like an MMO imo.

Also rotating event quests is stupid.

Finally I understand mh games are always difficult but now with fatalis they are reaching insane levels which are no longer fun and sometimes even feel cheap when compared to previous games end fights, which I have a lot of experience with dumping 1000+ hours into 4u, in case people think I am a noob.

TL:DR monster hunter no longer plays like monster hunter, "MMO mechanics" are not fun in my opinion, and the difficulty is artificial and not fair and it makes me sad since I enjoy most of world as a standalone game from the rest of the franchise but I understand that this will likely be the way forward in future titles and classic monster hunter will be no more and that makes me sad.

This post might be a mess because I'm just writing what pops up into my head.

Just like to add if I reply and disagree with you it's not an attack on your opinion rather it's just me explaining my point of view. <3

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