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For new PC users: random fun facts

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— You can skip a monster's "death cut-scene" by pressing start

— If you open your storage box and go to the "Sell Items" tab, upon clicking that you can then press (Triangle on PS4) to automatically Sell ALL TRADE-IN ITEMS only. There is even a message on the button icon saying "Press to Sell All Trade-In Items" — this is the safest way to make sure you sold them all (since these items are purely for Zenny only), but also so that you dont accidentally sell something that is NOT a trade in item.

— When looking at your inventory for Weapons and Armor, it will appear that you have LIMITED storage space — this is NOT true, you actually have hoards and hoards of space (some think it is infinite ..some do not — but regardless it feels damn near infinite). When you acquire enough gear and the amount reaches the "max" it actually creates another page in the inventory, extending it to another page, and so on. (It is just misleading how they dont explain this in the tutorial)


— You can throw WaterMoss at Barroth and Jyuratodus to remove their Mud

— Abandoning quests restores any items in your pouch that you may have used (though you do not get to keep any materials such as horns or tails you collected, etc)

— The Wiggly Itchy bug found on logs acts like Dash Juice (basically refilling your stamina and then reducing the stamina rate reduction by virtually half). ALWAYS grab one if you see it! 🙂

— You can go to the Training Area without having to go to your Room by pressing (Square on Ps4) to go to the map and simply selecting it.

— All Attack Boosting consumables stack with each other, with the exception of only two that do not (Demon Drug and Mega Demon Drug ….those do not stack with each other)

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