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For PC players doing the Thronetaker event quest…

MonsterHunterWorld4 - For PC players doing the Thronetaker event quest...

These are a few quick notes for PC players doing the Thronetaker event quest in SOS teams: Take out Lunastra FIRST! Taking out Nergigante first is actually detrimental to this quest because if you take him out first then you wont be able to use flash pods for the remainder of the quest. People try to flash Teo when he is super-novaing but don't realize that Luna is right next to him and then proceeds to do her double nova which catches the team off guard (I've seen this happen). Another thing is that Lunastra likes to follow Teostra around like a lost puppy and visa versa so you are almost guaranteed to fight Lunastra and Teostra at the same time if you take out Nergigante first. I have seen PC players in SOS take out Nergigante first and then try to fight Lunastra AND Teostra when they are together. 90% of the time the hunt failed because fighting two fire wielding cart machines is generally not a good idea… Also people are still flashing Lunastra which activates her double-nova so please stop flashing Luna she doesn't need to see that… -_-.


Also if Lunastra and Nergigante or Teostra and Nergigante start a turf war LET THEM FIGHT! just back off for a minute or two to let them fight because any free damage to either is good damage. (You can also use the distraction to heal and buff)

If you've found your own way of doing this quest whether it be solo or in SOS feel free to post any tips you can give to us PC players in the comments.

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