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For those bored with the end game gems grind, I highly recommend doing more arena/challenge quests

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So I'm not an arena/challenge guy. I do them to get tickets, trophy, the bare minimum, and never go back to them. But then I found out that Monster Hunter Championship was coming to USA. The format is basically arena 1 Pukei for qualifying round, and challenge Nergigante 4 for the finals. You need to enter as a duo.

I started looking for partner and found someone from Reddit. After early passport issues that I don't really want to explain, it was determined that I'm eligible for the competition, so we started training. At first we did maybe a few hours, once or twice a week. Closer to the event we trained a few hours almost every day. We noticed our time kept improving every day, and we became more motivated. Not just that, I actually enjoy doing arena now. For Pukei I stick with my main weapon, great sword. For Nergigante I was planning to use my other main, lance, but we noticed I wasn't able to do the max damage. I started looking for videos for this particular quest, and noticed a few people had great success using switch axe, so I was determined to learn that. We kept playing around with different weapons, and in the end we decided to do double switch axe. So in a way, it has exposed me to a weapon that I've never considered using before. I think I'm going to main switch axe when I start over on PC in a few weeks.


Another thing is that, it's nice jumping to a quest without worrying about build. During the championship, the director and developer of the game explained that they didn't just stick random build for the arena/challenge quests. They were designed so that we have enough tool to do well in the quest, while still providing some challenges. Not only that, the focus of arena/challenge quests are quite different from normal hunts. We can't really afford being too careful during the hunt, as it will mean loss of time. Getting hit that requires potion drinking will result in losing time. Nergigante raging and keep roaring? Lost of time. So we basically tried ways to keep him stunned most (if not, all) of the time. It's very refreshing. And it's a really great feeling once you finish the hunt, and see that you just recorded a new best time.


Although we kept practicing every day and see our time improved, we're also aware that there will be some known veteran players, stream personalities and speed runners in attendance. So we tried to keep our expectation realistic, while hoping we'd make some incredibly good performance and somehow sneaked in to the top 8. I mean, upsets happen all the time right? In the end, we didn't make it to the top 8, but now I have a new respect for arena/challenge quests. I will definitely do more of these now and see if I can improve my time. I also definitelly will give another shot if Capcom decides to do another one of these in the future.

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