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Further evidence that CAPCOM’s collaboration with Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has quietly ended

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - Further evidence that CAPCOM's collaboration with Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has quietly ended

I shared in a post earlier today that USJ content will likely NOT be available on the PC version of MH:World:

TL;DR Official MH promotional videos have been removed from USJ's YouTube channel, and any mention of Monster Hunter on their site has been wiped.

I revisited an old playlist that I had which contained official commercials for the latest Monster Hunter attractions at the Universal Studios Japan amusement park. As expected, the videos in question have been removed completely from the official USJ YouTube channel:

One of the removed videos:

gif of removed video:

source of gif:


The official USJ website makes no mention whatsoever of any Monster Hunter attractions or content for the coming year either:

With USJ equipment removed from MHGU, I think all signs point towards a silent end to what was a fruitful collaboration that has rewarded us with some of the best looking gear to date.

For those not in the loop, MH x USJ, dubbed Monster Hunter the Real started shortly after Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's 2010 release, and featured life-sized monster animatronics, armors, weapons, and decorations which were updated every summer to coincide with the latest MH release.

Footage of MHWorld's attraction earlier this year:

As an ending note, and as a starting speculative point, perhaps this is a result of a clash with Universal Studios and the Monster Hunter film in the works, which will instead be distributed in the West by Sony.

As a note, this is all speculative of course, but whatever the situation may be, it has already affected MHGU and caused us to lose an incredible set of equipment, so it clearly is an issue that has not yet been disclosed to the public.

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