Monster Hunter World

G-Rank is quite a ways off…

MonsterHunterWorld3 - G-Rank is quite a ways off...

Now here's hoping I don't get downvoted deep, deep, deep down for this unpopular opinion but all these speculations and to be quite honest, whining demands for G-Rank need to check themselves. Before we get anything close to a whiff of that special rank the area expansions have to come in first. We've seen all the room left on the world map for the new areas and have heard leaks about them as well so its reasonable to say a natural progression for World and it's story is to push deeper into the continent of the New World. So far we've got 3 very likely areas coming down the pipe and if they follow in suit with their trends about 3-5 new monsters in each matched to the area. So for the new areas let's say we've got a beach or island chain, an icy tundra and the dubiously titled Dragon's Plateau.

These areas are no small affair given the quality and breadth of the environments in thus far. The verticality they've set out to implement is unparralled for the series and even just on a programming and path finding level the workload must be enormous. The QA involved to make sure you can chase down a monster and get chased without them freaking out if they have to climb up a wall or jump off a cliff must be quite the daunting task.

Now I should say, I have definitely grown weary from bolstering my defense of World and the choices they've made about the content they've put out so far and my attempts to continue smacking the same monsters with my sticks over and over again. I'd say definitely these Arch Tempereds are efforts at stalling for time given the minor innovations and changes for each of the fights. Whether that time ends up being well spent is still up in the air but I'm hoping for the best.


I should also say, this has been my first real deep dive into a MonHun title but I've absolutely adored it so far racking up almost 800 hours and reaching HR 250+. I'm not sick of it yet but I can feel the fatigue starting to come on a touch and it's leading me to focus more on what could be coming, to get my mind off of what I've done to exhaustion…

That being said that Extremoth fight was incredible and that 1 victory I tasted was one of my all time highlights in my gaming career 😛


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