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Getting the most out of your charms

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Choosing the right charms can help you get the most bang for your buck when building a new armor set. Charms can help you obtain the most levels of some of the best skills in the game. However, not all charms are created equal. When evaluating the efficiency of charms I look at three things to determine if I'm getting the best value.

1 Amount of skill required to max it out.

For example, the maximum level of a skill like Piercing Shots caps at 1. It wouldn't make sense to use a charm for something like Piercing Shots unless there was no other way you could obtain this skill. It is more efficient to use a charm to get 3/3, 2/3, or 3/5 levels of another skill.


2 The decoration slot size of the skill

The skills Earplugs and Wide-Range both have a maximum skill level of 5. However, each Earplug decoration requires a level 3 decoration slot while a the Wide-Range (Friendship) decoration only requires a level 1 slot. Because level 1 slots are more common it makes sense to use a charm to provide a skill that requires higher level decoration slots.

3 Rarity of the skill provided

This table, <
only lists Power Charm I. Perhaps there are more levels but if this is accurate, this charm is truly garbage.


Changed Unscathed Charm I to Unscathed Charm II and moved to the appropriate section. The Wiki made it appear there was only one level of this. Thanks Uthgar and CommandoWolf for pointing this out. I'm not sure if there is a Power Charm II. Can anyone confirm?

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