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Gold Crown Hunting – Basic & Advanced Tips

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Just got my Platinum in roughly 325 hours. (Jorge_JavierX)

From what I've seen, this is an above-average time for the Platinum. Knowing what I know now, I believe I could of shaved 50-60 hours off that time. The purpose of this post is to share what I've learned so you guys can get that trophy faster.

Disclaimer: The grind for the Platinum in MHW is incredible. Some people taking 1000 hours is entirely possible if they go in blind. Couple that with the (relatively) high level of difficulty of the game for this day and age and you could have a serious problem if you approach this Platinum the wrong way. Be mentally prepared for an extreme grind, no matter how lucky or good you are. There's a 100% chance you're going to search for days for several crown monsters that you will be convinced don't exist.

*I apologize ahead of time if these tips seem obvious, but they are what I wish I knew when I started.


1. Do all the relevant event quests that give crowns ASAP!

This one may be pretty obvious, but I sure wish I would of known this when I started playing this game during the spring festival. Many event quests give a 100% chance of a mini or giant crown. I strongly, strongly encourage everyone to start here and see what events are available and which ones give crowns.

That's a good list of what events give you what. Keep in mind that getting a guaranteed crown can literally shave anywhere from 1-20+ hours off your grind.

1.2 Check the Event Schedule and plan accordingly

If you know that in a couple of days an event is coming that will give you X monster crown then it behooves you to farm other monsters in the meantime. It would be a terrible feeling to spend 3 days looking for a giant Barroth only to learn that tomorrow you can get one for "free".

This especially applies to the area event quests like Deep Green Blues, Wildspire Bolero, etc. These events come and go every other week and they give you a drastically improved chance at crowns. For example, I noticed that Deep Green Blues was going to pop up on the event schedule in a few days, so I deliberately avoided grinding the monsters that would appear in that quest and worked on other ones. When it did pop, I got all the crowns I needed for Ancient Forest within the day.

2. Make sure all your investigations have at least one gold and one silver and are high rank.

There has long been speculation of this being true and I can confirm that I never got any crown from an investigation that wasn't high rank gold/silver+. As long as it has at least one gold/silver it doesn't matter what other rewards it has. In my experience, the best investigations were the Gold Silver Silver ones.

As for the 15/30/50 minute time limits or the 1/2/3 faint count, I think this is irrelevant. I've gotten crowns from all of these and I never noticed them affecting the percentages, but of course I could be wrong on that. Also note that just because another person got a crown in a specific investigation doesn't mean you will. There is a large degree of RNG.

Also, make sure you are using your tail rider safari to generate you investigations for monsters you need while you grind. I had to create 10 more Uragaan investigations from the Safari to get him. Make Sure you save your applicable investigations

Finally, I've only ever heard of one person getting a crown from low rank, and I don't know if it's true. It seems unlikely, and if they did, the chances of it have to be astronomically lower than the already rare chances of finding one in high rank. So in short, it's not worth it. Stick to high rank.

3. Measure, Measure, Measure!

This man is a hero and will provide you with all the information you need on measuring. Check him out.

I find it astonishing when I hear of people saying they've spent weeks killing 100+ of X monster in search of a crown. Friends, this is madness. There are semi-accurate, consistent tells you can use to determine if a monster is giant, average, or mini. This may seem obvious, but making sure you measure properly will shave potentially 100s of hours off your grind.

To give you an idea, here was my experience. The highest kill counts for monsters I have are around 75 and they were for Pukei-Pukei, Odogaron, and Uraagan (I hate them so much). And that was with me measuring, referencing youtube videos, and being picky about which to farm. The number of times I measured these monsters is probably double or triple that amount. Imagine if I had just blindly killed them all without checking. My average kill count for most other monsters was around 20-40.


*Note that there is a bit of RNG with measurements. For example, you could be using leg height as a tell but the monster's tail or wings or whatever maybe slightly shorter or longer and wont give you a crown. That being said, using the right tells drastically increases your hunting efficiency.

4. Equipment Loadouts

To make your hunting experience easier, it is imperative that you make item and equipment loadouts for them. A lot of measuring involves using shock traps to stun the monster and measure its legs. As such, carrying shock traps, its raw materials, and making a shortcut to insta-craft it is a huge convenience. Some people also use flash pods on specific monsters to get them to move a certain way.

I also recommend using the ghillie mantle, as some monsters will agro you quickly. Moreover, you cant measure anything when a Deviljho and a Bazelgeuse are trying to annihilate you and the poor guy you're trying to measure.

Finally, note that you can use slinger ammo to distract a monster and make it stop for a few seconds so that you can measure him. This may be obvious to everyone, but I didn't know that I can get them to stop by shooting a rock off to the side. This helps a lot for some monsters (Kirin).

5. Make sure you have good gear and are in the end game when you decide to start crown hunting in earnest.

Picking up a crown on the way here and there is all well and good, but I don't recommend you start the serious grind until you've acquired a solid build that can decimate monsters. The minutes add up over time; if it takes you 15 minutes to farm a Nergigante then you might want to hold off until you can kill him in 6. It is just more efficient that way.

Of course, this doesn't apply to event quests; check the times left on them and plan accordingly. They should be a priority.

6. Solo > Multiplayer

Multiplayer doesn't distinguish between 2 players and 4. As such, the monster scales to "multiplayer difficulty" regardless of the player count, and this could be very bad. If you're a decent player, it's going to take you a lot longer to farm these through multiplayer unless you somehow have 3 other guys in the lobby wanting to do the exact same thing you're doing. Solo is much, much faster and more efficient in my opinion.

Furthermore, it's much less risky. If you're farming an elder dragon and the investigation has 1 faint, and you have 3 other randoms in your group, chances are one of the dudes is gonna die horribly. Now imagine if you had been farming the guy for days, finally see a giant one, and you fail the investigation because some random got killed by being bad. I would go into chronic depression.

7. Expeditions?

A quick note on expeditions, I have heard they may be viable for crown hunting. Personally, I have never gotten anything past a silver crown from them, but I have heard of people getting multiple gold crowns from them. If you're out of investigations for a specific monster, perhaps this may be worth a shot. I cant confirm it.

8. Tempered Monsters

Some people have said that tempered monsters give you an increased chance of crowns. I have not noticed this at all, and the RNG seemed the same. Thus, I do not recommend crown hunting on tempered quests unless you are all out of other options. Also keep in mind that tempered monsters are considerably stronger, so farming them for crowns is simply not as efficient as farming a normal version.

9. Make sure you check all the relevant monsters in the area!

I cannot stress this enough. If you're hunting a great jagras, and there's a rathian you still need in the area, go check it first! We as humans can get a bit of tunnel vision sometimes; if you're really focused on X monster, you might ignore all the other ones you equally need and are right there. Your giant may not be spawning, but for all you know 10 other crowns have spawned and you never checked them. I have gotten plenty of crowns by doing this and it is always a pleasant surprise. And yes, I can confirm that you can get multiple crowns from 1 investigation.

Great Hunting Investigations are good for this and they also seem to have a slightly higher chance at crowns.

10. Save Scumming

This is a controversial practice. I personally never did it except for Elder Dragons because their investigations are difficult to consistently generate. If you're going to do it, make sure you do it for one monster at a time with those investigations all set up, or it's going to get chaotic.

That being said, I can confirm that save-scumming the investigations does refresh your crown chance. While I do not like to save scum, it's honestly kind of necessary for the elder dragons, even with 12+ applicable investigations on them. I literally went through all the tries on 20+ Kushala investigations and got nothing, and was forced to revert the save. I did this 3 times and finally spawned a giant. That's how rare some giant crowns can be.

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