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Gold Rathian 1:50 Dual Blades Freestyle World Record – Breakdown

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Gold Rathian 1:50 Dual Blades Freestyle World Record - Breakdown

So as per request and feedback from my previous posts on r/MonsterHunterMeta I'm going to be posting my runs on reddit where and when I can and I'm also going to be trying to give a bit of an explanation about the run, this is my first time doing something like this, and I'm relatively new to speed running, so bare with me.

So to start, I should mention that the previous run was 1'58, so I managed to shave off quite a bit of time with this one. This was not only a new world record for this category but is also now the fastest melee run for Gold Rathian, yay me.

Here's the run ~

Here's the build I used ~

Anyways, when I start, I throw out a demon powder, and hop on the zipline, after I land, I throw on my Rocksteady Mantle which is decorated with TWO Gobbler Jewels, paired with the Gobbler Jewel I have on my boots, this gives me Speed Eating 3 which allows me to chug down my demondrug and dash juice before getting into the arena. Rocksteady will also help me shortly when she roars for the first time at the start of the run.

Upon getting into the arena, I grab some rocks, take my might seed, shoot at the ground to get Goldians attention, then I hop off the ledge and clutch claw onto her head. There's a couple routes you can go with this, #1 being 3x head smack then wounding the head, or #2 which is 3x head smack and wallbang. I chose to do #1 because it wounds the head faster and it allows for a faster enrage so I can take advantage of agitator. Choosing #2 means in normal circumstances you'd break the head faster after you drop the rock trap on her, but you waste time having to CC the head again to fully wound it.

From here, I equip my flashpods and shoot it into the ground in front of her, this makes her flinch backwards towards the rock trap. This part can be a little bit annoying, if she changes her position at all with an attack it can ruin the run, luckily she stayed in a really good position for this run and I was able to drop the rocks on her. After this, I immediately throw on my Impact Mantle. Now, I mentioned in the previous paragraph that doing the wallbang allows you to break the head faster. Generally, it takes 2-3 Blade Dances to break it, but I got really lucky and my Palico managed to throw a couple of Meowlotov Cocktails at its head, which helped me get the head break a bit faster. So instead of just doing 3x Blade Dances, I started with a Sixfold Demon Slash and then did 3x Blade Dances, this got me the head break pretty early which is HUGE. I got really lucky on this run, most times it takes me at least 2x Blade Dances to break the head, but because my cat had done some damage to it before I started my combos, I was able to break it in only 1 Blade Dance.


As you can probably tell from my use of the Impact Mantle, I'm going for KO's on this run. After it gets up from the rock trap, I smack Goldian one more time in order to get the KO, from here, I dash over and do Blade Dance -> Twofold Demon Slash -> Blade Dance. Now, this part can be a little inconsistent, but as she gets up I want to get her in a trap as fast as I possibly can, sometimes she chooses to fly, which often times means its going to be an instant reset for the run. This time she managed to cooperate nicely and fell into my first shock trap relatively easy. Combo for the shock trap is the same as the KO before. After the shock trap, I get another KO, now normally I would have done 2x Blade Dances for this opening, but I ran out of stamina so I had to settle for 1x Blade Dance and 1x Demon Flurry. During my Blade Dance, I'm crafting another shock trap so it's ready for the finale. After she gets back up, I throw out two Tranq Bombs, and get ready to place my second shock trap, upon trapping her again, I do one more Blade Dance in order to finish her off and trap her.

Overall, this run took me about 20 Hours to get. Any time she chose to fly, basically meant an instant reset. Oftentimes I wouldn't be able to get her in my first or second sock trap very easily, which also usually means a reset. In the beginning, sometimes she changes her position drastically after the flashpod and either doesn't get hit by the rock trap, doesn't get taken down by it, or frequently ends up in a bad position that requires me to run a fair ways to get to her, which AS YOU GUESSED IT, means a reset.

I hope this has been even somewhat informative, a lot goes into these runs that a lot of people don't see and I hope this has given some of you a better idea of how much planning goes into these things and how long they often take to achieve.

I would appreciate if some of you chose to checkout some of my other runs on my channel or maybe even subscribe, I'm relatively new to speed running (only been doing it for about a month now), and I'd appreciate any support I can get.

Thanks for reading! Will be happy to answer any questions some of you might have ~


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