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Got killed by Bazelguese 3 times without even seeing the thing

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Got killed by Bazelguese 3 times without even seeing the thing

I just recently decided to play MHW after owning it for far too long, made it into high rank, feeling good since I've only carted about 3 times and haven't failed a mission yet. Took the first HR Barroth mission you get, everything's going fine when I get hit by a Barroth. That's fine, I think as I pick myself up off the ground. Suddenly, spontaneous combustion followed by death. Cart 1. WTF was that, I think to myself as I pick myself up off the ground, eat up (I had forgotten to before the mission) and charge right back in there. Again, everything's going well once more, in the middle of laying down some deeps when I suddenly spontaneously combust again, picking myself up off the ground in time to get hammered by an angery Barroth. Cart 2. Seriously pissed now, thinking the game's broken and lacking food in mah belly, I charge right back into the fray just as the Barroth decides to nope out to another region. Before I give chase, my trained eyes detect MOAR SHINIES, so I run over when I see that it is, in fact, not a Barroth part, but a Bazelguese part, whatever the hell that is. At least I now have a name for my unknown assailant. I chase after the Barroth, tearing into it with reckless abandon, attempting to take it down fast before I suffer any more incendiary interruptions. I weaken it enough for it to limp back to the mudpits, I ghillie up and follow it, hoping the mantle would stave off any Bagelgoose attacks. I see the Barroth taking his beauty sleep, so I jump onto the pillar and go for the mount to end this as quickly as possible. I poke his eyes for a bit and the big blind boulder falls over. I jump off of my beaten prey and prepare to finish him off when suddenly I am the one finished off, courtesy of yet another spontaneous explosion courtesy of this fuckin guy who I didn't even know the appearance of until I googled it. Cart 3 and I'm currently sitting in the corner drowning my sorrows in Mega Potions and Dash Juice.


EDIT: Two missions later, I take on the HR Rathian mission (not the super special one which I still haven't finished looking for all the bits and bobs of). No sign of the Buizelgroose when suddenly the game makes a big show of making me watch some egg looking scales fall from the sky and pans my camera towards the Bonzergroot. Not entirely certain why it decided to do that now and not last time when the damn thing was practically a ghost, hell if I know.

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