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Great Jagras: The Joke Guide

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This is a guide on things I've noted while fighting the Great Jagras, apparently I have a lot of monster knowledge, so I decided to do a few guides (some with sarcastic titles), this is the first, all these guides will be covering the high rank versions, since that is where I and most every other hunter has spent most of their playtime.

I mostly have knowledge on breaking parts, part gathering, knock downs, flinching, some behavioral quirks, anything to do with hitzone damage and element damage is coming from Honey's MHW Set Builder turn off your ad blocks for this page.

NOTE: Most or even ALL of this information is easily found from the MHW Wiki from fextralife (some info) , Kirinico for MHW (in depth material rates, damage hitzones/weaknesses, lots of other numbers), and Honey's MHW Set builder (Set building / Set finder option and Weakness Hitzones, click the anjanath icon), I am only Regurgitating it all onto one page for other player's profit.

Great Jagras is the first large monster you will be introduced to and expected to hunt, it is a yellow scaled Fanged Wyvern that is only native to the Ancient Forest locale.


Great Jagras is resistant to Water element. weakest to Fire element (with a minor weakness to Thunder element and an even more minor weakness to Ice element) and Blunt damage, except on his back, legs, and tail hitzones, where cutting damage does a bit extra or equal damage (tail), his top weakest areas are his inflated stomach (chest) (after eating an Aptonoth whole), his face, his neck, and then his forelegs in order of most weak to least weak. Great Jagras is 3 Star weak to all Statuses (most effective)

Parts and Breaking

  • His face and forelegs are easily breakable, the chest is another story.

  • The Face break has a 63% chance of rewarding you with 2(?) Great Jagras Mane(s), and a 27% chance of rewarding you with 2 Great Jagras Hide+ (10% chance no reward) Part damage required:300**

  • The Chest break can only be preformed when Great Jagras is on its side from a knockdown, after having recently ate an Aptonoth (swollen) A knock down can be preformed by breaking the forelegs while Great Jagras' stomach is swollen from swallowing an Aptonoth. The Chest break will reward you with 2 Great Jagras Hide+ (100% chance) Part damage required:360**

  • The Forelegs break will reward you with 1 Great Jagras Claw+ (100%) Part damage required:210**

Material Statistics

Investigation Bonus Rewards

  • Silver Box: x1 Claw+ 40%, x2 Hide+ 25%, x2 Scale+ 20%.

  • Gold Box: x1 Claw+ 64%, x3 Hide+ 14%, x3 Mane 12%, x3 Scale+ 10%

  • Shiny Pod Drop (?): 50% Scale+, 28% Claw+

  • Palico Bonus (Palico Tailraider): 50% Scale+, 28% Claw+

  • Plunderblade (Palico Tool) Bonuses: Scale+ 43%, Hide+ 35%, Mane 22%

Some Fighting Tips

  • Great Jagras will 60% of the time, be in the presence of 3-7 Jagras, which will get in your way, pulling a raging Great Jagras to Area 1 or Area 3 will rid you of them, they will not follow out of Area 2 or out of the Jagras' Nest subarea.

  • The best course of action for breaking parts is to break the face, then focus on the forelegs, and if you want to break the chest, you'll have to ditch Great Jagras until it gets hungry (you will need Scoutfly level 3 active to see the green hunger icon appear, or watch it drool to see it is hungry, it will traverse to the closest herd of Aptonoth and choose one to kill and swallow whole, promptly break it's forelegs and then wail on it's engored chest, hopefully getting that 360 part damage off, the part breaker skill is a big help here, 30% extra part damage means you only need to do about 277 regular part damage to its Chest. (1.3 x 277 = 360.1)

  • (part damage required Divided by part breaker level 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 = part damage done)

  • Great Jagras can wander to the north-west parts of the Ancient Forest, mostly to Areas 7,8, and rarely 9, traversing mostly through Areas 9 and 10, this can result in turf wars with other Large Monsters.

  • Drops _________ Pods at 30/20/10% Health, Shows weakness by vomiting up food, Drools when hungry

Misc Info

  • Maximum / Minimum Crown Sizes ?: 998.69 Small, 1276.10 Silver, 1364.88 Gold.

  • Kinsect Extracts: Red(Head) Orange(Body,Inflated Chest) White(Legs) Green(Tail)

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