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Great Looks, Great Skills, Great Swords: GS Fashion Catalogue, Part 2

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Not sure whether it’s amusing or heartbreaking, but not long after I put together a <

  • Focus 3

  • Weakness Exploit 3

  • Critical Eye 5

  • Critical Boost 2

  • Recovery Up 3

  • Handicraft 4

  • (Stun Resistance 2)

  • (Free Elem/Ammo Up 1)

Decorations: 4x Expert Jewel 1, 3x Medicine Jewel 1, 1x Critical Jewel 2, 1x Charger Jewel 2

It’d be a shame to not make a set showcasing Kulve Taroth’s lovely golden armour. Unfortunately, the presence of Free Element on many of the pieces precludes a standard Wyvern Ignition set. Instead, I’ve gone for full golden action with one of her own relic weapons. It’s a bit gaudy, especially with the golden-blond wig, but that’s why it’s fun!


Although none of Kulve Taroth’s Great Swords stand up to Wyvern Ignition’s stats, the Taroth Blaze “Decay”, using the Vaal Hazak design, actually has some advantages over the base Leviathan’s Fury. Namely, two augmentation slots and 10% natural affinity.

As such, this set is an affinity-focused vampire set. The Taroth Blaze “Decay” has one affinity augment and one health augment, allowing this set to put out a 90% critical hit rate, while sapping plenty of health from the enemy.


And that’s us! A shorter catalogue this time, since several of the sets written up in my previous post are still useful in the current game. Unless Capcom releases yet another king of Great Swords (or G-rank… c’mon, do it!), this should be plenty.

The next step is straight-up cosplay! While World doesn’t quite have enough armour pieces to really make an extensive and diverse catalogue in that regard, there’s still plenty of potential.

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