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Greatsword Speedrun Tactics – Monster Locking [MHWorld]

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Hello Reddit

I have been discovering countless ways to lock monsters with the Greatsword to achieve top tier speedrun times. The Greatsword is no stranger to this technique, in past games the Greatsword because of its huge single hits was able to infinite stagger various different monsters to death.


Example of MH4U Greatsword stagger locking:  


However with MHW's mobility increase and mechanical upgrades (enviromental/tool usage/general moveset) it has allowed for a much deeper expansion to this old technique. The following are the (my) known Greatsword locking methods in MHW along with video examples.


Old School Stagger Locking


How to do: This technique relies on the monster having a long stagger animation and a low enough stagger threshold to do infinitely. The idea is simple, hit Kushala Daora in the head with a hit over its stagger threshold value immediately after he gets out of his stagger animation.


Mount Flash Locking (Aerial GS)


How to do: This technique to work properly actually relies on hitting stagger thresholds every once in a while to give you enough time to build up damage for the next mount. It works only on monsters that fly straight up after being mounted and don't go crazy in flashed state. To do trick quickly dismount monster after a mount and flash the monster in order to get them to land back up over the ledge. This locking method is a little RNG but works quite well on monsters like Teostra and Vaal Hazak since they like to stand still after being flashed.



Scream Locking (Crit Draw GS)


How to do: So far I have only proven this works on Anjanath, I tried some other monsters but could not get it to work the same. To start this strat you need to encounter Anjanath in a part of the map he doesn't wana fight in. If staggered out of his leaving roar, he will continuously attempt to roar again until he is ready to sleep, in which case he will limp to his nest and the loop chain will be broken.

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Zone Locking


How to do: This trick has promise to work on many monsters in many areas, this works similar to Scream Locking except instead of looping the screams, you infinite loop stagger the monsters using the fall animation to give you time to set up next TCS.


Mixed Locking


How to do: This style of locking combines many of the above locks to achieve an optimal run. The linked run I did with Kushala uses Stagger,Mount, and Scream locking in order to Aerial GS Kushala properly.


As you can see there is a lot tricks that have been discovered for us Greatsword users to play with, the goal of my post was to inform people out there to think outside the box, and if you have a crazy idea to go test it out or be vocal about it. This game has so many interesting mechanics that have yet to be fully explored.


The game has evolved, and so should we.

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