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Greetings Hunting Horn Mains! You have new member!!!

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Greetings Hunting Horn Mains! You have new member!!!

So, Monster Hunter: World is my first MH game (excluding me being a stupid 10 yr. old as I played one of the PSP titles), and after buying it a month or two after release, I have a nice 260 hours clocked in (amazing game, definitely a 10/10, no question). My HR is 94 and I'm glad I've been introduced to the series, and it's very important to note that I'm a hammer user, exclusively. Even since the beta, I have ONLY used the hammer, nothing else, if I remember correctly I believe I've haven't used any other weapon type on more than at most 10 quests. I could gush about the hammer but that's not the point of this post, the point is that I've decided to very, very mildly branch out to the Hammer's artsy fartsy cousin, the Hunting Horn. Besides being very similar to the hammer in toe-to-claw combat, the Hunting Horn is the token support weapon, I'm a people pleaser, and I've yet to beat the Behemoth (spare me the "git guds"). So with all of this in place I started a second account, named it GAMBINO, made the poor attempt of making my character look like Donald Glover, and I was on my way. 7 hours in and I'm beginning to understand the "sUpPoRt WeApOn" memes, this thing is a fu*king monster, and I'm glad to be the newest Hunting Horn player on the block. While I will never give up the Hammer, EVER, I hope all 8 of the Hunting Horn mains out there will accept me as a brand new, fresh faced Hunting Horn player. See you musical fu*ks in Iceborne!


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