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[GS] Finally decided to update my build.

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Capcom truly has spoiled me and many GS users a lot lately. With the recent addition of the Wyvern Ignition GS, the new Deviljho gear and now the insanely useful Kulve chestpiece, I thought it was time to update my old build after a lot of theory crafting, number crunching and practical testing.


I was taking a look at the leaked stats for the upcoming DMC and USJ gear and I really wanted to fit them in somewhere, I originally started with the idea of putting in the Starlord legs, went to save what Im working on as a WIP loadout and decided to throw Death in there incase I accidentally clicked on it and realised there was more juice I could squeeze out of this.

Stats for Junkies:

  1. 300 Attack (Buffed) / 315 with Might pill (Wakeups)

  2. 10-25% non weakness Affinity; No Latent power (Depending on charm)

  3. 30-45% non weakness Affinity (Depending on charm)

  4. 95% Max possible Affinity

  5. 469 Defense (Unbuffed)


I'm sure there's more ways to improve and customise based on your own playstyle. I personally found myself intentionally delaying my attacks when running focus, just to help with timing attacks and tackles, so I decided to opt out of focus entirely. As far as Affinity options goes, I find the reliability of Maximum Might to be entirely fight dependent (If you're tackling a lot you won't be at full stamina by the time your TCS connects). I also went with the bare minimum number of Handicraft points that I felt could last the entire fight without needing to sharpen.

I hope that covers all the main questions people have. If you're looking for something less glass cannon focused and want to run essentially the same build but safer you can always swap the Vangis arms for Teostra beta and run a Guard Up deco (If you have one) which would be the same build just with Guard Up instead of Latent Power.

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