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[ Guide ] Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth Pursuit 1 Horn Break for Console / PC ( AMA )

MonsterHunterWorld5 - [ Guide ] Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth Pursuit 1 Horn Break for Console / PC ( AMA )

Hi everyone, this guide assumed you are proficient with P1 runs of the non-tempered KT.

As someone who farm atkt via p1 runs since the first day and has complete a 3 man run, I would like to share with this awesome community what I've learned.

Box Reward Conditions :– Single Siege Run +2- Reward Lv14 +1, Reward Lv17 +2- Break horns while in Fury +2- RNG ( Like Melding Deco ) +2

How to Trigger Fury Mode : Break a total of 15 parts ( repeated parts count as well ) before you release her. Since Kulve Taroth will dig twice in Area 2/3 cumulatively instead of once now, typically it means you had to break at least 5 parts before she dig the 1st time.

Easiest parts to break after a boulder drop is Area 1 is

– Left Foreleg ( with mines when she's ko at the start )- Left Hindleg- Left Tail- One of the Chest ( after she emerge from the tunnel )- Right Hindleg ( after she emerge from the tunnel )But, sometimes, things may not go as planned. So be adaptive, coordinate with your teammates to go for the best possible alternative.


– In Area 2, have Rock Steady Mantle before you break her Horn Plating. That way, you can lay down 5-6 bombs on her horns instead 4 previously. This way, you could get " Horn Chipped " status easier.

Boulder drops in Area 3 is less reliable in KO-ing Kulve Taroth compare to the old version, I would advice people to switch to their Area 4 sets only if they managed to break at least 3 parts on her body. If your team still have difficulty breaking parts after switching sets, then only switch when 4 parts are broken.

Timer For Area 4 is 5 mins 10 sec approximately, compare to 6 mins 30 sec in the past. Before even attempting pursuit 1, everyone in the team must have relatively optimized A4 sets.

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You would typically need 5 CC to break her horns. Sleep, Para, Mount, Ko, Ko2 ( not in order ).How you organize the CC sequence depends on your CC player preferences. Regardless of which sequence, the 3x DPS user have to had Impact Mantle to aid the CC to get the 2nd KO.

A friend of mine, Dapperguy86, has crunch numbers and compile an album of weapon builds for ATKT.


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