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Guide : how to bring the Apocalypse to Alatreon

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Hello there,

I've been noticing a few people who seem cross with Alatreon, so I figured it'd be nice to have a guide that details how to deal with him. You need to deal a set amount of elemental damage so that Alatreon doesn't kill you with Eschaton Judgement, and I'll endeavour to explain how best to reach it. Despite the common misconceptions on this topic, this works regardless of weapon type, Capcom has introduced a system that makes it so that the elemental threshold scales depending on your weapon type and how good it is at applying elemental damage : As you can see on that table, weapons that have a harder time dealing elemental damage like Lance, Gunlance, Greatsword, Hammer, don't have to apply anywhere near as much elemental damage as weapons like Bow, DBs, that have an easier time with elements. So the DPS check isn't that problematic, it's more of a matter of being willing to use different gear and hitting the monster semi-consistently. You might also have to adapt your playstyle a little bit, for instance Gunlance might have to use more pokes and refrain on using shelling for the Ice/Fire phases.

My point is, getting past the DPS check isn't something that's out of your reach, even if you're not a speedrunner. It does take some preparation (particularly in regards to gear and hitzone values, but I got you covered on the latter) and some practice however, but that's only to be expected when facing a world-ending dragon.

If you're playing in multiplayer, it's advised to have at least half the party use elemental builds (the other half can use raw). Just like Kulve Taroth, multiplayer scaling is more forgiving (provided everyone can carry their own weight).


Ideally, you'll want to wear 5 pieces of Safi'jiiva armor alongside a Kjarr weapon. If that's not an option, you can wear 4 pieces of Silver Rathalos armor and a Beotodus, Barioth or Legiana weapon for Ice (depends on your weapon type and which weapon offers the most element while having decent raw/sharpness). Rathalos weapons are pretty good for Fire.

The skills you want are the usual ones : Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye to boost your crit to 100%, Ice or Fire Attack (or Water or Thunder Attack), Critical Boost, Health Boost.

Don't forget to pack Blight Resistance+3 as well, it goes a long way.

Best hitzones

For elemental damage, the best place to hit is the forelegs. Next up there are the wings and the hindlegs (the hindlegs are also a very safe place to hit and they take good raw damage if you tenderize them).

For raw damage, the head is by far the best. It also takes decent elemental damage, less so than the other places I just mentioned though so if you're worried about the DPS check, focus the other bits.

Strategy for the fight

A. The first possibility is to go about it while being confident that you can break Alatreon's horns.

The fight has several phases, each of them lasts about 3 minutes. You want to deal enough elemental damage that Alatreon topples to the ground, otherwise Eschaton Judgement will kill you.

  1. Alatreon either starts in Fire phase or Ice phase (Fire phase for the assignment). You want to bring a weapon of your choice that is opposed to the element he starts in : if he starts in Fire, you want to bring Ice. If he starts in Ice, you want to bring Fire.
  2. Alatreon will go airborne on occasions. If so, you can deny it by using a Smoke Bomb and rebuffing yourself until he comes to investigate.
  3. Next, Alatreon changes to Dragon phase (about 3minutes in). In this phase, the horns can be broken, and you want to break them.
  4. Alatreon uses Eschaton Judgement at the end of that phase (about 6minutes in). If you got him toppled at least once, it won't kill you but it still hurts, so pack Astery Jerky and eat 2 of them while he's using that move. Keep pressing the button, slow eaters will die 😛
  5. If you break one of Alatreon's horns in Dragon phase, then at the end of said phase, he will revert back to the phase he was originally in. So it can go one of two ways :

Fire > Dragon (horn break) > Fire



Fire > Dragon (no horn break) > Ice

If he goes in Ice mode and you brought an Ice weapon, you stop dealing elemental damage which is a big problem to reach the elemental threshold for the next Eschaton Judgement, as you'll only be able to deal elemental damage in Dragon phase (which has worse hitzone values for elemental damage, sadly).

And then we're back to 1.

B. The second way to approach this fight is to assume you're not going to get the horn break, and thus to get an element that performs pretty well throughout.

I need to take a detour to explain HZVs here, so here they are, courtesy of HoneyHunter :

Fire and Ice perform best overall, provided you get the horn break, but we're going to assume that we don't get it. The next best options are Water if Alatreon starts in Fire (like in the assignment) and Thunder if he starts in Ice. Water does a decent job in Fire phase, Thunder does a decent job in Ice phase, and both do fairly well (relatively speaking) in Dragon phase. Some people might suggest to run Dragon element but that is extremely ill-advised as the dragon HZVs are only present in Dragon phase, and they're barely any better than the Water and Thunder ones.

So TL;DR, use Water if Alatreon starts in Fire, Thunder if he starts in Ice.

Miscellaneous advice

– If you have problems finding openings to attack Alatreon, watch speedruns to find some inspiration. You may also bring your cat with the Shieldspire gadget.

– Alatreon will usually 2 shot you, so bring Max Potions and materials to recraft them. You can bring up to 12 of them.

– If you're solo, bring your cat on paralysis (you'll only get one proc)

– Flinch Shots are very tricky to pull, Temporal can be removed in literally 1second, and you have to make sure that Alatreon is either near one of the few big rocks in the arena (or that he's mid-air).

– Alatreon's moves are well-telegraphed for the most part, so do look at the ground.

– If you play LBG, I highly recommend that you use the Xeno LBG as it can shoot all elemental ammunition types. You won't run out of ammunition and you'll be able to match Alatreon's phases no matter what he swaps to (using Dragon ammo on that gun isn't worth it, though). Here are some builds : The Lunastra Blaze LBG is also a completely valid option as it offers Rapid-Fire Ice and Fire ammo.

– If you play LBG/HBG solo, breaking the horn is tough, you might want to try using either Flinch Shots or Smoke Bombs > Mega Bombs > Mines and then waiting for Alatreon to show his face.

– If you play LBG/HBG, you'll want to shoot at the forelegs/hindlegs in the front/back (hitting the head/tail in the process is a nice bonus). If you're on the side, aim at the wings, close to the body, so that you pierce through both wings.

That is all, have fun !

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