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Guide to running Kulve quickly and efficiently for max rewards

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With KT ending tomorrow, may 2nd at 23:59 PM PST, I thought I'd write a little updated guide for my squad, and reddit.

This guide focuses on running Kulve as quickly as possible, and ending with reward 17.

-Kulve Taroth- The overall goal of this siege is not necessarily to do as much damage to KT as possible, but to break as many of her parts, and collect as many of her tracks as possible, in the least amount of runs possible (2 minimum for max rewards.) Both breaking parts and collecting tracks/scattered gold chips increases pursuit level, and this is shared across the entire session. A higher pursuit level means Kulve's HP pool for each part break, and over all for each phase is reduced.

-First run- Your priorities in this run should be collecting tracks, and breaking parts, while trying to minimize the raw damage you do to KT, as you want her to leave in area 3, before she releases (sheds her gold coat.) The reason for this is that going into phase 4 is almost entirely a waste of time at pursuit level 1. The only things you can break at phase 4 are her tail, and chip her horns if you haven't already. It is possible to completely break her horns and end the siege at this point, but you will likely get terrible reward level, and this is never worth doing.

For these reasons, using cannons is not a great idea, since the only things you can hit are her head and back. Dropping rocks on her, and then focusing on part breaks is a great strategy, but use the rocks cautiously, as they do 1500 damage each, and dropping all 6 available rocks on her in stage 1 and 3 will likely lead to doing enough damage to release her.

Whenever KT goes to the next area, spend some time back tracking to pick up any footprints or scattered gold chips you missed. In area 3, run around and grab them any time you have an opening to, as you wont get much of a chance to grab them if when she leaves.

but remember, the top goal of the first run is to get pursuit level as high as possible by collecting tracks (10 points) and breaking parts (30 points).


-Second Run- Check which parts still need to be broken by going to Options > Info > Special assignments, and focus on breaking those parts before she releases. If you still have parts to break, I still recommend against using cannons, because at higher pursuit levels (3+) her health pool before release will be smaller and smaller as the level raises. If you have access to sleep and mounting I recommend saving both for phase 4. Once all pre-release parts have been broken (9 total, not counting horns chipped) go ham on her, drop all the rocks, shoot all the cannons, goal now is to get her to release. Once she releases, focus on her tail before her horns, if you want that sweet reward level 17. My strategy here is to sleep her using sleep knives gathered in area 1 from gajalakas drops + sleep herbs, then bomb her tail. If all 4 people do this, it should break immediately at pursuit 4+.

After that, go for a mount using either the slope where you came in to area 4, or one of the 4 wall run spots, located around the edge and center of the room, and break those horns! After the horns are broken, and you get your carves, you aren't done yet! If you didn't start the run at pursuit 6 or high pursuit 5, I recommend back tracking during the last 30 seconds to pick up any tracks or chips you missed, as these will still count towards raising the pursuit level!


-Set sleep knives to auto craft in your crafting list. Gajalakas drop throwing knives 50% of the time, and these can be combined with plentiful sleep herbs found in area 1 and 2 to create sleep knives. It takes 4 knives to put her to sleep the first time, and probably 10-12 to put her to sleep a second time, so save them for that tail bomb in area 4!

-most of the falling rocks in area 1 are positioned just before a barrier of rocks that Kulve will have to break down. If Kulve is too close to starting her animation for breaking down the wall, or if she has already started it, dropping rocks on her WILL NOT topple her! if you missed the chance to topple her with the rocks, its better not to drop them on her if you have parts left to break!

-If you start a run at pursuit 6, blast her away with cannons and drop all those rocks on her! you can ignore picking up tracks and gold chips in this case.

-Once the horns have been chipped, there is absolutely no reason to continue attacking them!! focus on other part breaks until everything else has been broken.

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