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I'll start by saying that while I love the concept of the Guiding Lands, I agree with the criticisms of it being difficult to find rooms hunting specific monsters and that there should be some way to pause (de)leveling of your own guiding lands when joining others.

One of the biggest complaints I've seen with regards to guiding lands is the notion that to get lower level materials, you must decrease the biome's level. This is not true however. At the melder there are options to meld for specific guiding lands materials that follow a few rules.

  • In order to trade for a Guiding Lands specific drop, you must have acquired it once as a normal drop either in your own quest or someone else's. Also you are required to always trade down in terms of value. These values are displayed in terms of points at the melder.

  • With the exception of Barroth, Pukei, and Tobi-Kadachi, tempered version materials can be traded for their non-tempered versions at a 1:1 rate. This helps to alleviate some of the need to lower your levels, but I think the rate should be better considering that a tempered version is a tougher fight.

  • You can also trade down for monster parts within a specific biome albeit at a bad rate in my opinion. For example, I can trade 4 Banbaro drops for 1 Kulu-Ya-Ku drop or 2 Black Diablos drops for 1 Kulu-Ya-Ku drop. Again this is a bad rate in my opinion, but the option is there. This exchange also exists for trading down for lower threat level tempered drops as well.

  • For Barroth, Pukei, and Tobi you can trade non-tempered drops from their respective biomes which includes Velkhana, Savage Jho, Banbaro, and Ruiner Nergigante which can spawn in any area. Since Ruiner Nerg is fairly common at level 7, I tend to use these parts to trade down for non-tempered drops.

  • Tempered drops for threat level 3 monsters + brute tigrex cannot be traded for at the melder. To obtain these, you must either have the area at 7 or join someone else who has their area at 7. EDIT: I missed Gold and Silver Rath as untradable materials, but these spawn with *** frequency at level 7 when you are trying to get elder materials from those maps anyway

The system is far from ideal, but Capcom did at least have a bit of foresight with the deleveling issue. Personally it feels bad having to trade down at such a big loss to get Kulu or Pukei parts, but until Capcom makes adjustments at least we have some form to cut back on needing to backpedal levels on our expeditions.

TLDR: Melder has ways to trade down materials from the Guiding Lands, but there are exceptions

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