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So, I'm sitting here geeking out over the Gunlance, as I am wont to do from time to time, and I had a thought. It's probably not very original; I'm actually willing to bet someone's proposed the idea before. But, bruh, it's already the most Michael Bay weapon in the game (maybe barring HBG Cluster shots). Let's keep the ball rolling.

Capcom should give the Gunlance an incendiary move.

That's right, I'm suggesting Capcom slap a fu*king flamethrower on the damn sword-cannon. Maybe it'd function similar to the HBG's Wyvernheart mode where we can spray until the gauge's empty. Afterwards, we'd be left with a super-heated blade for a short while that'd cause increased melee damage. Probably not the finest move to use against fire-based monsters, but really damn good against most others.


Yes, I'm aware we just got an exploding spear attack. No, I have no idea how it'd function logically (perhaps an alternate trigger could 'swap' the shells for an internal flammable solution that's expelled and ignited near the muzzle. potentially Special Ammo Boost eligible; idk why Wyrmstake isn't). Yes, I'm aware I'm probably the world's biggest ten year old. But the idea of just absolutely roasting a downed or trapped monster in a gout of flame is too delicious of a thought.

What do you other Funlancers think? Too much? Maybe. But dammit, if it wouldn't be fun. What would you add to the Gunlance, if you could?

Also, a rushing shield bash like the Lance's choo choo move c'mon Capcom that's a gimme.

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