Monster Hunter World

Guys. Real talk.

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Guys. Real talk.

This game is the best.

I've been on Steam for over 11 years. I did that "how much have you spent on Steam," thing and I'm just a bit under $6k. There are SO many games in that $6k I haven't finished. SO many games I've barely touched. There's a TON of MMO's in my "time played." Not many have hit quite as hard as this has. If I had to put a Holy Trinity together…for me, it'd be Warframe, Mass Effect, and Monster Hunter.

I. Fu*king. Love. This. Game.

(Quick sidebar for those of you perusing my post history…I DID eventually figure out Teostra, and he's my little bi*ch, now)


I've spent SOOOOO many late nights the last couple weeks playing MHW. This is my first Monster Hunter game, and I so love it. Like…I want to play the rest of the series, even though I know the games probably won't hold up to age. I want an anime to watch (and I'm not an anime fan). I'm a cosplayer and will probably build a MH costume at some point. I want to pay the ridiculous $20 price for the mobile game.

Capcom…keep doing your thing, bro. This is fu*king gold, man. Keep putting out this type of content, and I will buy it. I absolutely *ADORE* this game.

Except Kirin.

Fu*k Kirin.

Kirin is the worst thing to ever happen to anyone.


(end of shameless love letter)


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