Monster Hunter World

HD Texture pack & continued compression (possible fix)

MonsterHunterWorld10 - HD Texture pack & continued compression (possible fix)


(I was just experimenting with this, it seemed to work then everything compressed again.(I'm still getting the mipmap error?))

I may have stumbling apon a fix for the continued texture compression for the PC port. Even after the HD Texture Pack released a lot of compression issues continue. Capcom is working on this, but I may have discovered a fix. I am a Wizard.

C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonMonster Hunter Worldgraphics_options.cfg

In the Graphics_Options.cfg you can tweak some settings that you can not fully edit through the games hard gui. First if you download the mod, turn it on in game.

You should see this in the config as well, do not change it.

High Resolution Texture Pack=On

With the HD Pack on the Texture Quality defaults to 256, this may be the culprit.

TextureQuality=256/512/1024 or "Full," The "Full" setting seems to be broken. I just tried 4096 and noticed the textures looked substantially better, it was a intuitive coincidence. After the years of messing around with Unreals amazing engine config files, I just started experimenting with different things.

I am uncertain if texture quality is linked to texture resolution or vram. 4096 should be enough resolution or vram for textures to be relatively lossless. I set it to 8000 and my GPU was literally screaming. I could not tell a significant difference but did notice the pixel shaders and reflective surfaces looked great in the Elder Recess.


You can adjust the preset configs as well to do this on "Highest". I noticed the presets have the Vramlimit= settings, which the manual config does not, and is broken on using it.

I would like some feedback.

Idk MT Framework at all, just guessing.


Someone said it shouldn't recognize a different setting other than the default settings, so setting Texture Quality to 4096 shouldn't fix anything, but it did recognize it and it didn't crash. I did see the HD textures, then they compressed again later.

I am still experiencing graphical errors, messing with the setting, and trying 4096 as a Texture Quality setting did render the HD textures. As I was playing they compressed again, or it's the mipmap error that was supposed to be patched. I can reboot the game and the textures are HD again. I have re-installed the HD pack and everything – before I started editing the config.

I deleted the configs, verified the cache and reset everything. It's on Manual/HD Pack On/Default. I will see if the compression happens again.

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