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Hello fellow hunters!

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Hello fellow hunters!

Just got back after almost 3 months of not playing. I notice the connection issues aren't that bad anymore. Currently looking forward to the Behemoth coming out PC because I stopped playing on the PS4 version before it came out.

Lunastra was new for me too and I needed help to do the quest that introduces her because I kept carting while fighting in that small area. Then I got the crazy idea to join a party doing tempered Luna because what could go wrong? 5 minutes into the fight 2 hunters had already carted and then I get the connection error message! So I was left to solo a tempered Luna on multiplayer health, no carts allowed and 25 minutes remaining on the timer and on the same day I was introduced to her. Managed to do it with like 30 seconds remaining; I was getting desperate at the end and started to panic. It took a few mega barrel bombs and constant attacks without any regard to my health at the very last moments but I still enjoyed it.


Now in preparation for Behemoth and AT monsters I'm using the Luna mats to help craft my Longsword survival build. With Luna/Xeno 'Styx' and the build has max earplugs, flinch free, tremor resist, wide range, health boost, divine blessing and blast attack. It has room for one handicraft and I think a free 2 slot.

What have you hunters been up to and do you have any crazy hunt stories you could share here?

If anyone would like to do some hunts together, feel free to message me! I play on PC.

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