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A bit about my history with MH. I got introduced into this game by my gf. Since then I've logged around 720 hrs in to World (it's also my 1st MH game). I've come pretty far as a hunter. I managed to solo Behe 3 times and ex Behe once with 4 different weapons. Not going to lie I'm quite proud of that

But then comes Lunastra. I've tried my best to enjoy fighting that monster. Devil curses me I swear I did. But I can't. I don't have problem killing Luna but I cannot enjoy fighting it. I had to force myself through the AT Luna quest. 10 attempts solo 7 wins. But I took interest in none of them. Luna left such a bad taste for me I don't even rage fighting her. I raged a lot during my ex Behe solo attempts. It gave me motivation to carry on. With Luna I just feel disappointed. Whenever I finish a Lunar hunt I just sigh

Luna, to me, highlights everything wrong with designing a monster

– Weak points placement. Luna has very questionable weak points despite sharing the same anatomical structure with Teo. Wing/Tail/Face. Those are the 3 weak points. 2 of which are rarely accessible for melee. The face is danger zone since that's where most of her attacks come from. This design favors ranged wps too much. And design that limits player's choice is not good imo. Most of the time I'm stuck with shitty hitzone playing melee. 20 mins HH, 12-14 mins with GS/CB/LS. Those are my time for AT Luna solo. With bow I shit on her at 9 mins

– Tail swipe hitbox. This is rather infamous for Luna so I won't say more

– Constant AoE damage. Luna spreads fire puddles very quickly and constantly. Having the whole area covered in fire is not rare. To me this is lazy design. "If you cant make the monster hit the player, give it constant aoe/unavoidable dmg". Luna and Vaal share this design.


– How Luna deals dmg. Luna has some moves that are very hard if not impossible to reactively dodge. Her 1 side fire blow to ignite fire puddle is an example. That move comes out very quickly with little to no windup. It also has massive range if the puddle placement is in its favor. She also attacks in a way that leave you with very small attack window. You can see this very clear playing LS. Most of the time she won't even stay in the same place long enough for you to finish Foresight + Roundhouse. There's time when I can pull off 5 6 consecutive Foresight and land zero Roundhouse since she moves a lot

– Crowd control. Luna has 2 of them: roar and windpressure. It wont be a problem if she doesnt have massive dmg followup. Roar in to firebreath/claw or Nova + wind pressure. Also, her wings animations during Nova don't look like they give out windpressure at all. No one likes their control being taken away. And Luna does that very constantly. Dying to windpressure + nova often feels cheap because you are never in control of your character during that time. This is also part of how she does dmg. Crowd control you in the aoe for you to take dmg. Note: Im not running max dps. Most if not all of the time I always roll with earplug 5 + hp boost 3

That's all I see from Luna. It's more cheap than challenging.

P/s: I want to thank Lulu for introducing me into this wonderful franchise. You're the best girl I've ever met. I really want to play with you but I can't. I want to keep my love for this game til Iceborn. Hunting Luna sucks the fun out of this game and brings out the worst in me. See you in Kulve. I promise ^^

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