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help with hammer build

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i made 3 hammer builds and would like to know how should i compare them or improve them:

set A:

  1. Diablo Shatterer II (elementless deco) (affinity and health augment)
  2. Nerg helm A (attack deco)
  3. kush chest B (sharp deco)
  4. Kaiser gloves A (attack deco)
  5. Nerg coil B (tenderizer deco)
  6. Dober greaves B (vitality?)
  7. handicraft charm 3

so, i have NEB, 2 max might, 3 WE, 5 Handicraft, 7 attack boost, protective polish. if i use the true calculator correctly, i should have 416 damage during white, and 378 dmg at blue

Set B:

  1. styx hammer (flawless, mighty deco) (health aug)
  2. nerg helm B (2x attack deco)
  3. empress chest B (3x blast deco)
  4. kaiser gloves A (medicine deco)
  5. nerg coil B (medicine deco)
  6. empress greaves B (medicine deco, tenderizer deco)
  7. attack charm 3

giving: 2 health boost, 3 blast attack, 3 recovery up, 3 peak performance, 3 max might, 3 WE, 7 attack boost and luna set bonus. The dmg is lower this time, sitting at 361, but it doesnt include the blast damage. this set is overall a little safer with 2 health and 3 recovery up (helps maintaining peak performance).

set C:

  1. styx hammer (mighty deco, critcal deco) (health aug)
  2. nerg helm A (attack deco)
  3. taroth chest A (attack deco)
  4. kaiser glove A (vitality deco / stun resist deco )
  5. nerg coil B (tenderizer deco)
  6. dober greaves B (vitality deco? )
  7. agitator charm 2

2 health boost, 2 stun resist, 2 agitator, 3 max might, 3 crit boost, 3 WE, 7 attack boost. this gives 386 dmg on the calculator. i tried swapping the vitality deco and charm to crit eye, but without agitator and with 5 crit eye, the dmg seems lower at 371. in fact when all conditions are met, affinity above 90 turns red and further increase on affinty doesnt actually up the damage.

set A actually seems the easiest the stay on high dmg.

set B uses peak,but i always have trouble keeping peak performance up, and it gets harder against luna, teo or vaal. it's safer overall and 3 blasts is always fun. not sure how much dmg it adds up.

set C has agitator, which is only up about 60% of the time, i can possibly switch charm to a blast charm, or use the 2 small deco for 2 blast deco.

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