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Heres a list of all the music used in DMC event

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - Heres a list of all the music used in DMC event

Greatsword: Devil May Cry 4 – The Time has Come (Nero´s Battle Theme)

Nero´s Theme:

Longsword: Devil May Cry 3 – Vergil´s Battle theme 1 and 2.

Battle theme 1:

Battle theme 2:

Sword and Shield: Devil May Cry 1 – Lock and Load and a remixed version of it which has palicos singing. Also short parts of "Devils Never Cry" ost aswell.

Lock and Load:

Devils Never Cry:

Dual blades: Devil May Cry 3 – Taste The Blood (Dante´s Battle theme 1) and Agni & Rudra´s Theme

Taste The Blood:

Agni & Rudra Theme:

Hammer: Devil May Cry 1 – Flock Off (Griffon´s Theme)

Flock Off:

Hunting Horn: Devil May Cry 3 – Nevan´s Theme

Nevan´s Theme:

Lance: Devil May Cry 4 – Swipe of Swords (Credo´s Theme)

Swipe of Swords:

Gunlance: Devil May Cry 4 – Sworn through Swords (Berial´s Theme)

Sworn through Swords:


Switch Axe: Devil May Cry 1 – Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo´s Theme)

Ultra Violet:

Charge Blade: Devil May Cry 4 – Lock and Load (Dante´s Battle Theme 1)

Lock and Load dmc4 version:

Insect Glaive: Devil May Cry 1 – Red Hot Juice (Phantom´s Theme)

Red Hot Juice:

Bow: Devil May Cry 4 – Science will never die (Angelo Agnus)

Science will never die:

Heavy Bowgun: Devil May Cry 2 – Away (Dante´s Battle Theme 1)


Light Bowgun: Devil May Cry 2 – Assault (Infested Chopper Theme)


You can also hear the "Mission start" music when you start the quest with your weapon and depending where the music belongs to it will play that games mission start song.





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