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HH fanatic i’ll try and share my experience

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first and foremost, thank you to all who worked on this brilliant piece of entertainement.

Here are my credentials:

hello every one and happy hunting !!!

I would like to try to authro a HH tutorial, because i am not satisfied with i see/read here and there.

I first must state here that I have a lot of respect for content creators all over the mh community thank you you rock !!!

Second i would like to explain why i think i am well suited to try to author such a tutorial.

I have a ~900h character that has exclusively been played with horns.

I have every horns, and I have played with all of them. a lot

It is my opinion that weilding a uniq weapon during the grind to HR will expose many subtilities that one cannot experience by using the horn just from time to time.

This is a belief, I do not hold anyone to it, of course.

(but I'm right ^_^)

That being said, I hope hunters will find at least one or two things they will find useful.


in order to communicate efficiently, we need to get some vocabulary straight.

  • a song is a sequence of notes (interchangeable with "melody")
  • a buff is the perk you get for playing a song. (and not canceling the buff)
  • a flourish is when you play a note without attacking
  • a hilt attack is playing a note (after a previous note) while pulling L3 down.
  • a recital is when you play a song from the song list (first second or third song in said list)
  • an encore is when you press R2 a during a recital.
  • UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT are left stick directions
  • partition: top left of the screen: the part where the last four notes your have played are displayed.
  • song list: below partition, the part where the last 3 stored songs are displayed.

The most important thing here is to maintain the very huge difference there is between SONG and BUFF.

Songs are not buffs. and both terms are NOT interchangeable. This is hugely important.

basic principle of the horn gameplay:

fill up gauge, unleash powerful attackS, repeat.

That's it. That's the horn gameplay. There is nothing else to it. You fill up a gauge, then when ready and pertinent you unleash a powerful attack.

end of basic tutorial.

(please note that powerful attacks for the horn have 5 different animations possible more on that later)

please take the time to re read this previous paragraph. I have yet to see a tutorial that starts by stating this.

It's so obvious that every tutorial skips this, and so many new comers get lost right there and then.

Fill up gauge, unleash powerful attack, repeat.

how to fill up the gauge:

queue a song.

that's it.

attacking with the horn is pressing circle, triangle, or circle+triangle.

attacking has two outcomes:

-character swings his weapon, and hits target

-corresponding note is queued in the partition

If you play notes in a specific order, you will queue a song.

Says you attack twice with triangle, this will store the SONG self-improvement. (this song correlates to the buff movement speed up)

You can store up to three songs. 4th song stored will push bottom song off the list.

How to unleash powerful attack:

recite one of the stored songs.

press R2 or R2+triangle or R2+circle to recite corresponding song in the list.

that's it.

Your character will do a recital animation (*) It's a powerful that attack deals elemental damage, exhaust damage, ko damage

(*) animation depends on two criteria Left stick input , and position of horn when pressing reciting.

(horn can be sheathed, held on the shoulder or aloft in front of character)

powerful attack, "tier2"

during a recital, hunter will play songs in the list, activating corresponding buffs one after the other.

during this time, player can press R2 again (with left stick input if needed) to go into "encore" which is basically a second encore animation but more powerful in its damage,

let's take a recap:

basics: fill up gauge, unleash attack, repeat.

beginner: queue up songs, recite them, repeat.

now we can start to work on the subtleties of the horn gameplay.

=subtleties in attacking:

every attack animation can be cancel by a roll, this canceling can occur before the hit lands, or after, depending on context and animation.

subtleties in playing notes: flourish, hilt stab, free note


When your attack animation has a second right swing, you can play a note; there will be no corresponding animation ,yet note will be queued in partition

to demonstrate this, we will store the deviljho horn +atk SONG


tri, circle, tri+cir, tri

that's four animations.

Now using flourish:

tri, UP+cir tri+cir during second swing, tri

During the second attack (UP+cir) your character will swing his horn twice (damaging twice your target). If you press tri+cir at the beginning of second swing the corresponding note will be queued , for free (no animation related to tri+cir).


After a previous attack, attack while pressing DOWN will use a specific animation (regardless of note played) that animation is a hilt stab, It's very fast, has cutting properties, and is the lowest damage attack the horn has. this is used to store a note fast.

Using the hilt stab:

tri, UP+cir tri+cir during second swing, DOWN+tri

After the two right swings, character will do a very fast hilt attack adding the tri note to the partition.


When a song is stored in the song list, it's last note is still available in the parition.

Meaning if I store a song that ends with tri, and then want to store a song that begins with tri, I don't need to play the tri note again, I can straight jump to the second note.


song1 = tri, cir, tri+cir, tri

song2 = tri, tri

if I want to store these two songs:

I can just play

tri, cir, tri+cir, tri, tri

let's take a recap:

basics: fill up gauge, unleash attackS, repeat.

beginner: queue up songs, recite them, repeat.

intermediate: queue up songs using note optimizations, recite them, encore, repeat

powerful ATTACKS in depth:

Reciting a song has a specific animation (5 different ones depending on input and position of horn when reciting)

a recital is animations that swing the horns, 1 2 or 3 times then makes a shockwave, then plays the songs, applies the buffs.

=subtleties in reciting: canceling, rebuffing


When pressing R2 to recite a song, the hunter will swing his weapon, hitting target, then play the melody, which will apply buff.

You can cancel after the hit before the melody, after the melody before the application of the buffs (in that case, you are most probably dodging a hit), or after the application of the buff (to shorten end of animation).


Playing a song a second time will:

reset timer for the corresponding buff

buff will be pimped to it's tier 2 – say +atk(L) becomes +atk(XL)

let's take a recap:

basics: fill up gauge, unleash attackS, repeat.

beginner: queue up songs, recite them, repeat.

intermediate: queue up songs using note optimizations, recite them, repeat

master: use all canceling and optimizing subtleties.

various tips:


Corner buffing is queueing songs and reciting them without ever hitting the monster exclusively.

You must not do that , because the party looses all your dps, which is a lot.

Corner buffing from time to time withing a hunt is acceptable, it's all in context. (rebuffing +atk asap for example)

Jumping recital has one extra hit and also the animation has a weird glitch that if you hit during the upswing of an arial recital, your char will kinda air step.

Recitals/encores animations have iFrames, learns them.

The overhead slam ends with your character quite low to the ground, you can dodge with that.


This armor perk extends the duration of buffs. (and for buff that heals, enhances the heal)

you should not need it: it's nice, but once you get to master, you should not need it to maintain buffs up. (allow yourself to corner buff sometimes and you're good)

self-buff tier2 must be up at all times

recitals have long animations, and if you are interrupted after playing the song, the song will have disappeared from the song list, without its corresponding buff applied. For this reason flinch free /earplug is a fantastic perk for the horn even if lowers your attack, it enhances your overall DPS.


each "let's recap" represent a step in your learning experience.

step 1: learn the moves, your distances, rhythm, roll canceling animations (once that is down…)

step 2: learn to queue songs correctly and efficiently and reciting them

step 3: learn reciting optimizations (canceling, queueing song in certain order to gain free notes, etc)

happy hunting everyone !

any and all comments welcome!

i'm at nearly 900h gameplay with the horn, I STILL FIND new ways to play !!!!!

i am still not bored nor staturated.

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