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HH Iceborne Beta: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

MonsterHunterWorld1 - HH Iceborne Beta: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Because this is still a beta, I feel like we all need to remember that there's no guarantee of anything but goddamn do I want my time in the sun as a HH main and these changes make me smile. Also, these are estimations because we don't have full control over numbers *intense glaring at the -5% crit you cannot gear out while in the training grounds because you can't activate Agitator*.


Attacks that appear to have received a Motion Value boost (increase in raw attack scaling), thus hitting harder:

AttackInputMV Change
Reverse SlamT+O / Y+B (Neutral)34% to approx 38%
PerformanceR2 / Right Trigger (Non-Encore)29% to approx 33%


New moves! And the Echo attack does NOT disappoint. Also, Horn Maestro level 1 does NOT effect the duration of bubbles (lasting about 25 seconds) but still affects the buff they give (Extended Health increased from 1.5 min to 2 min with level 1 but did NOT increase its healing). Additionally, you can run through your own bubble for the "encored" effect. Encoring a bubble song creates a second bubble that is seemingly independent from the first one. Like with any song, you are affected by the bubble song immediately once played. Horn Maestro did not affect Impact Wave.

AttackInputEstimated MV
Echo Attack (Step 1)L2 / Left Trigger (after any basic attack)10% Severing
Echo Attack (Step 2)L2 / Left Trigger (after any basic attack)16%, Hits four times – total 64%
Impact WaveCompleting a Performance/Encore49% Ignores Sharpness Mods
Extended Health Recovery Song2ish health per second, took about 110 seconds to fully heal and I know I wasn't at one health exactly


Actually yes – there are some more subtle buffs for our lesser valued moves! And that's in the terms of speed! Please note attacks were timed a few times with a 15 second timer. Values will be shown as X:Y, where X is the number of times the move was used and Y is how many hilt stabs to help me repeat said move reliably.


Basically, the left and right swings are now more "responsive". In live, there's always this frustrating delay before the swing actually happens. That delay seems to have been removed entirely – there is no more stationary "windup" before your character swings.

It's small but it feels so good once I started feeling it.

AttackInputBase Time / Beta Time
Left SwingT / Y (Neutral)6:6 / 7:6
Right SwingO / B (Neutral)6:6 / 7:6


L2 combos are going to be insane. Like, increase our normal Superpound dps by 1/3rd. Remember, these numbers are all driven by the Anjanath Hum, so it's kind of speculation.

ComboDamage in 15 Sec window
Echo Attack > Hilt Stab > RepeatApprox 1,060
Superpound > Performance/Encore Song + 2 Impact WavesApprox 1,110
Echo Attack > Hilt Stab > Repeat, Performance at 3rd songApprox 969
Left Swing > Right Swing > RepeatApprox 681
Superpound > Hilt Stab > RepeatApprox 735

Again, things are subject to change and I am exhausted so it's highly likely there were some miscalculations as well (stupid 200 Fire damage, couldn't have gone with 240 to match Deep Vero exactly? Damn you Capcom!)

Take Aways:

  • The Direction swings are slightly faster to help HH take advantage of smaller openings (yay)
  • Echo Attack is exactly what the HH needed; access to a high damage attack that didn't involve the 8ish seconds of an Encore. The move basically acts like a condensed Encore and it's beautiful.
  • Encore may no longer be our highest damage combo – it's so close with a variation of Echo Attack spam, that requires a non-Echo/Self-Improvement song simply to access as well as two instances of Impact Wave.
  • Backwards slam is going to be extra nice now, so better start practicing the backswing dance now.
  • Reminder: Impact Wave still originates from your weapon's end! Not doing a Forward or Quick Performance may lead you to missing some damage!

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