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HH-wide range viability

MonsterHunterWorld8 - HH-wide range viability

So I'm a relatively new player. This is my first Monster Hunter and I'm having a blast. I mostly play with random people.

I'm been mostly playing as DB but I've also been playing LS and CB a bit. I wanted to give HH a shot and I've been enjoying that as well. I'm still getting used to the slower heavy weapons, I had tried hammer a while back and it didn't really stick, but I'm giving HH more of a shot. During one arch tempered kushala hunt, I was grouping with a SnS player and that's when I was introduced to wide range. He was keeping the whole group alive during a hunt that would have obviously failed without him and I was intrigued. Could this work with HH?

So I looked online and was disappointed to see that the consensus was that this build was not ideal and wide range should just be used as SnS. I decided to try it anyways and see for myself and…..I like it.

The main argument against it was that you need to sheath the weapon in order to use items. I was worried about this, but when I actually tried it, the sheathing is actually pretty fast and was never a problem. No one ever died due to sheathing animation, at least not yet. Another argument against it was that you would need to spec for support, therefore losing damage. This would be an issue for SnS as well would it not? During my last hunts, I was doing about 15% of the hunt's damage. Not spectacular of course, but this was while healing, but also more importantly I'm still learning the weapon. There were a lot of times where I was obviously not standing in the right place, or not facing the right direction and simply fixing those will raise my damage quite a bit.


The advantages of course over SnS are the songs. It changes depending on the hunt, but my go-to is Vero, which means I bringing 20% extra damage and defense, as well as extra health over what SnS would bring. That seems quite significant. The defense buff especially means that I rarely (never?) saw anyone get one shot. I'm able to keep the songs up pretty much 100% of the time, although I'm working on getting that better as well (I'd like it be 100%). Once I get the song length decoration, this will help me out a lot. Another advantage is the ability to KO, which happens a lot actually.


Pros: Buffs, ability to KO

Cons: Slightly delayed heals

Again, I'm a new player, so I might be missing something. But I find this build quite fun, and honestly, when I go into tougher encounters where people usually die a lot, I'm able to heal the group through it to win.

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