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Highest DPS for Greatsword (very rough numbers)

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I've watched a few instructional guides for the Greatsword, most of which emphasized that, generally speaking, you always want to build towards the True Charge Slash for that big hit. This isn't wrong (obviously), but I also realized that most of the videos I was watching were made before the weapons balance patch was release, and the earlier hits in the combo that leads to TCS were buffed. So I decided to do some very quick, very rough testing this morning with different attack combos to see what resulted in the highest DPS. All of the testing was done in the Training Area, naked, with Purgation's Atrocity (since that was the only GS I has with 0% affinity on short notice). If it'd be better to test this again with a different weapon, please let me know and I'll take another crack at it later today.

The combos I decided to test are listed below, with their damage values and the rough amount of time it takes to complete them. For the sake of formatting, I've abbreviated "No Charge" to NC, to indicate that no charge was held for those attacks.

Lvl 3 Charge Slash (240) + Lvl 3 Strong Charge Slash (254) + Lvl 3 True Charge Slash (53+463)/13 seconds = 77.69 DPS

Overhead Slash NC (109) + Strong Charge Slash NC (150) + Lvl 3 True Charge Slash (53+463)/9 seconds = 86.11 DPS

Lvl 1 Overhead Slash NC (112) + Tackle (56) + Lvl 3 True Charge Slash (53+463)/8 seconds = 85.5 DPS

Lvl 3 Tackle (104) + Jumping Wide Slash (252)/4 seconds = 89 DPS

Lvl 3 Tackle (76) + Lvl 3 Tackle (56) + Lvl 3 Tackle (104) + Jumping Wide Slash (252)/9 seconds = 54 DPS


Again, I cannot overemphasize that these are very rough estimates, especially on the time for each combo, but if my estimates are correct, the lvl 3 Tackle followed by the Jumping Wide Slash is actually the highest DPS we can get from the Greatsword. This is, of course, a result of just how quickly this combo can be performed. I certainly don't mean to suggest that other attacks and combos aren't viable or just as important. Each monster and the situation you find yourself in is still a better indication of which attacks you should be using. I just wanted to run some numbers to see what came up, and I think in a case like this it's good to know that there are definitely other viable alternatives to the TCS, especially if you need a quick hit and run combo.


This is the first time I've done anything like this, so please feel free to provide any feedback that you think might be helpful. If there's any other attacks or combos you think I should test out, I'll be happy to update this post later this afternoon when I get a chance to test them out.

Here's the link to the video I recorded for the tests (just ignore the random nonsense between the 38 sec and the 50 sec mark. I messed up a few button presses):

Original link

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