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Highest dps prowler ? Plus mini guide

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I've been playing prowler for a while now (only beast) and I think I found a build that is incredibly strong.

I did solo ex boltreaver with it, (though it took quite a while)

I saw guides like this,

And idk if it is outdated or wrong- but the beast section in particular is lacking a little.

No buffs, I'm at 315 melee, 726 defense, and 50% crit

Using crit boost, crit up L, and anger prone as passives. (that last one is insane, not in any guides, unlocks a new completely OP attack by hitting x+a while in beast mode, and in fury mode, and this is only available for beast cat, if you don't get this, maybe you will get fury mode once a hunt. With it, you will get 3-4 times.)

If the arena has a bed, like ex boltreaver, use farcaster to become immortal by resting to restore acorns at any time. Otherwise emergency retreat I guess (I never use this, takes too long)

My active skills are optional other than claw dance, felyne comet, and weapon upgrade.

Weapon upgrade puts me up to 100% crit when in beast after a combo, combined with crit up, claw dance is critical hitting a shit ton of times, and does crazy damage (still not as much as the fury attack though, which also mounts)

The guide I linked has a list of weapons too, but doesn't list the best one for a crit beast, which is F rending pole, as it has the highest crit (needed for 100% crit, which is important, since claw dance and fury attack can hit 10-20 times per move depending on positioning) and keeps purple sharpness forever.


The boomerang sucks on it though (who cares)

For actual gameplay, you want to save support gauge, don't use anything at the start.

Just dodge, a, x, dodge, a, x, Repeat this 3-5 times and you will mount any monster in under 30s at the very start.

Now walk up to it's weak spot and claw dance.

Now shift beast mode, and this is where it gets fun.

VERY versatile infinite combo is same buttons, a, then, x, – dash forward sweep up, reposition by double tapping camera, or using dodge and keep hitting it

Just play hyper aggressive, using the r tap to dodge when needed or cancel animations (ya it can actually cancel your air charge move before you jump)

You should be able to have 100% uptime on weapon upgrade, as that above combo hits many times

It is better to renew buffs before you think you will enter fury, because this window is where everything dies

Just x+a, x,x, x+a, x,x, repeat for another infinite that is actually OP. This fury doesn't last long, so go ham.

Decided to write this because I just binged every single prowler quest online and saw A LOT of different cats, but even hr999 hunters' cats looked pretty suboptimal.

Not that any of this matters, but I guess this is a challenge for anyone that can provide me with a higher dps cat build?

Good luck hunties, see ya in the hub


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