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Hitting Kulve with each cannon

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I thought I'd make this because the first phase being the canyon run there there's plenty of cannons and balls to lobbed at her. Every cannon ball deals 360 damage a piece, and it's sweet because she goes by just about every cannon multiple times. Every cannon though does need to be repositioned in some way, most slightly but one needs a drastic change. If you time it right you can hit her for 1,800 in total, which is more than what the boulders will do which is 1,500. I'll give some directions to each cannon as I don't have areas memorized in el dorado and it might be slightly easier. If you find you're not dealing a lot of damage in this first phase to make any impact, then this might help you out.

First (spawn) Cannon So you start out at spawn and jump down, to your left there's a beetle you can swing on and hop up to a ledge, from there to your left again around a small wall is the first cannon, I call it the spawn cannon when playing with friends. Turn it to the left slightly so when Kulve comes by it can actually hit her face, horns and back a few times. Turning it to face the boulder barrier, which you can break with the cannon, and slightly to the right of the beetle. This makes it so that if Kulve breaks any of the barriers (coming from the cannon's right or from the barrier in front of it) you can hit her just as she breaks through where otherwise her head will be past the cannon's original position. If she comes from the opposite end (Coming from the cannon's left) she will always stop just before the cannon's line of fire.

Second (Canyon) Cannon Assuming you've either loaded up or fired the Spawn cannon at Kulve, this cannon can be found by continuing down to the right of the (first/spawn) cannon, without jumping up or down a level there's another Cannon aiming across what call the mid section, I call this the Canyon cannon because it's never going to face down range of the mid section. It's almost aimed perfectly but Kulve's head will stop just short, so it needs to be slightly moved to the left. Most of the time you'll get one round of 5 cannonballs off on her, and maybe 2 or 3 extra cannonballs loaded and fired, other times you can get 2 rounds of 5 cannon balls.


Third (Mid) Cannon To the right of this cannon and a short swing away down the mid section is what I call the mid cannon. However It's not aimed down mid section path at all! It's aimed way off course, which is fine because moving it to the right it can aim straight down the that path which she'll always walk down at least once most of the time twice. This cannon can hit her multiple times and from quite a great distance. However this isn't my favorite cannon, for my personal favorite cannon you'll need to go more toward the right just outside of where Kulve's second phase is, or the first fight arena

Fourth (Favorite) Cannon The Favorite cannon, which again is located right outside her first fight but you'll always need to swing on the beetle to get up to. This needs to be moved to the left a bit looking straight down the cave area, which she most of the time she will dig up from somewhere else on the map to end up here. This cannon is the only one I can run out of balls on, she cleans me dry when she digs up here. While she's spawning it takes her a long time to come up from underground, her tail gets stuck and everything, she struggles getting out with all of her gold on her body. You can blast her until you're out of cannon balls, and even if she never digs up here,she has to run past this area anyways. If timed right you can always hit her with all fight cannon balls, on average I've can get 4 out of 5.

I should note that the boulder traps are not too far out of the way for each cannon and there's stones at the campsite even if you miss the stones you can kick over helmcrabs for a few dragon pods. I do hope that this does help out those who aren't aware of cannon locations or struggle to get a decent amount of damage off in this first phase and that the directions on where each cannon is, isn't too confusing since they're all close together.

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