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Holy… The hunting horn (low rank ex-hammer main perspective)

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Holy... The hunting horn (low rank ex-hammer main perspective)

I was a HR10 hammer main as of yesterday, but I decided to pick up and learn the HH. First if all being used to a blunt weapon during the first 40 hours, I was pleasantly surprised that the HH does it all; I can hammer the head while still slicing the belly and the tail. Now, being a hammer means I get roughed up fast due to long combos and short reach, but with the HH I can get in, upper cut and swipe, then get out in less than 3 seconds (comparing to the shortest 5 seconds uppercut hammer combo). I just rinse and repeat until I build up a song, then unleash the double encore.

And goddamn this is amazing. With the reach and the number of hits in the double encore, as a result I can stagger more, and I was able to stop charging Diablos multiple times; something I wasn’t able to do with the hammer.

Also, boy… The buff sure comes in handy. I tried out the Bone tree, the Ore tree, Pukey, and Kula… But my absolute favorite so far is the Kula Duda II. With the defence and basically unlimited stamina buffs… I was unstoppable.


I fought Diablo solo, and between going in for fast hits, transferring into encores for damage and stagger, then whistles for the Palico for health… I was the off-the-rail express train. Sure, I wasn’t doing 100s of damage (it was hard for me to get in close with the hammer anyway), but I hit more often and with different types of damage. It took 25 minutes for me to slay Diablo, but I was nowhere near death at anytime, and I tired it out like a matador armed with a bagpipe before proceeding to beat it to death out mercy and respect for the poor beast. Now this is monster hunting!

Multiplayer was pretty awesome too. It was a joy charging into the fray and encore on the monster with everybody else… It is ridiculously fun.


To HH mains: what’s next? Gear: I’m rolling with 1 Attack, 2 Critical Eye, 1 Slugger, 1 Ear Plug. Kula Duda is an amazing defensive weapon, but I’m sure there are better HH later on

Tldr: Hammer main here… HH wrecks faces

PS: “Ex” hammer main

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