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Hornetaurs are a great place to start your journey into High Rank Missions.

main img base 1024x624 - Hornetaurs are a great place to start your journey into High Rank Missions.

What are Hornetaurs? They're Exceptional skills.

  • Hunger Resistance Level 3: Your stamina bar won't deplete. One less thing to worry about.
  • Dungmaster: Dung pods are more effective, making it easier to cause monsters to flee so you don't have to 1v2.
  • Effluvial Expert: Immune to the DoT in Rotten Vale. Makes doing quests there all the better.
  • Handicraft Level 1: Provides a bit more sharpness.
  • Free Meal: 25% chance not to consume food/drinks. Like free mega potions, potions, first aides, antidotes, etc.
  • Carving Pro: No longer suffer knockback while carving.
  • Dragon Attack Level 2: +60 dragon element. If you don't use dragon you can craft Hornetaur B helmet and greaves to gain 2 jewel slots instead of the Dragon Attack.
  • Potential Weaponry

    • Materials can be used to craft a Rarity level 5 Long Sword, Dual Blades, or Lance.
  • TL:DR High Rank Hornetaurs are a great way to get settled into High Rank missions for new and old players. If you aren't farming Zorah Magdaros, farm these. Easy to kill, easy to complete, no large monsters, easily farmable research points, great balanced armor for starting HR that'll make the transition a little easier. You won't have to wait for Zorah's quest, and you won't have to struggle fighting HR large monsters in low rank armor. A probably looks better than B.

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