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Hosting part 2 USJ event for the high rank armor and Long sword

img intro02 1024x503 - Hosting part 2 USJ event for the high rank armor and Long sword

Greetings fellow hunters!!

I have recently gained access to the new USJ event quest (PS4)for the high rank armor and long sword and thinking of sharing it with you guys

Just like the first USJ event , you will be needing azure shards to craft them,7 to be exact. The quest will have you hunt a miniature azure rathalos and a gold crown dodogama Check the date and time below

During the session

I will spam the event as much as I can, once the quest commences I will leave immediately and take the next batch of hunters inside. It takes roughly around 5 minutes to complete with three hunters and will reward you with 2-3 shards depending on your gear (legiana armor skill) and luck. I would also recommend using a meal voucher and eat for the food skil lucky cat to greatly increase the drop rate after the quest

I will post the session ID beside the time and date once it is live


REMINDER You cannot craft the high rank version of the long sword if you do not have the sword from the first USJ event as it is only accessible through upgrading.

But don't worry I also have the first quest so just send me a message and I will gladly help

Check JST here

*hosting schedule * 4/27 23:00-00:00. 6mRpChNn4rDs

I am also hosting private sessions for those who are kind enough to donate so you wouldn't have to queue up to join as I will be hosting it for you. Just send me a message and I'll get back with the details

It's a pretty cool armor so I hope I can bring as many of you guys as I can I'll see you guys there!

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