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How are you supposed to fight Lunastra?

MonsterHunterWorld2 - How are you supposed to fight Lunastra?

So I tried to do the mission with Teostra + Lunastra today.

It was pretty annoying that dung pods didn't work to separate them, but Teostra isn't too hard, so I killed him off fairly quickly.

I just wasn't able to do anything to Lunastra though. For a start it seems like she has about 10x as many hitpoinits as Teostra.

I tried the flameproof mantle, but her fire seems to just ignore that.

It's really hard to get into range to attack at all, because there are just explosions everywhere, and her tail attack seems to hit you even you're standing at her chin (slight exaggeration).


I tried to wait her out, and just run away while she was enraged, but… she was just ALWAYS enraged. This was the most unfair bit in my opinion. After a few minutes she does her giant supernova thing, and then calms down, but you literally don't even get 10 seconds before she gets enraged again.

So what is supposed to be the tactic for her? Any other monster so far seems to have at least some sort of weakness, I don't see any here yet.

So far I've tried charge blade, longsword and dual swords, each with equally little success. I managed to last 41 minutes before game over with the charge blade, but the fight showed no signs of being anywhere close to over.

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