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How bad is the power creep in World?

MonsterHunterWorld1 - How bad is the power creep in World?

Longtime MH player here, clocked 100+ hours into World in the first couple of months and fell off after a slew of other great games came out and stole my attention. Now with the trial version coming out, I've successfully managed to get a few interested friends into the game, and I want to jump back in. My question is this: am I badly behind the power curve? Let me explain.


I logged in last night to jump into some event quests, seeing as it's Winter Star Festival and all. I had heard about the Behemoth fight and wanted to try it out for myself, but the first stage of the quest involves hunting the giant Kulu Ya-Ku. No problem, I thought… except I got triple carted. To a Kulu. I got it on my second try, and then Behemoth one-shot me twice with seemingly basic attacks. Are these fights designed to be this punishing or is my gear badly underleveled? I finished the main story of the game, farmed Xeno for a while, even. I stopped playing after unlocking tempered elder fights because I didn't relish the idea of grinding a harder version of the elders by myself, and all my hunting buddies had dumped the game for greener pastures.

My fire is lit, yall. But I gotta know: do I need better gear for these fights? And if so, how do I get it?

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