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How do i build an elemental bow build?

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Bowhunter Gear Questions

I'm brand new to monster hunter- only about 30 hours on the game so far, and i'm enamored with bows.

So i understand theres a debate around DP and Elemental builds, but i really am not too concerned with that debate to be honest. so far, i enjoy both the tactical nuke and the rapidfire playstyles that both bring to the table, and want to have both maintained. i feel like DP is superrior on long things like jury, or Bazel, but way inferior on shorter/more mobile targets like odog and kadatchi

Currently i'm pretty decently far along on my DP Setup, just need to finish gems and my coilbender, but need advice as to how to build an elemental setup

DP Setup

MainDiabolos Bow IIDefense JewelDefense Jewel
HeadDragonking Eyepatch(Alpha)Elementless JewelNA
BodyNergigante Mail (Beta)Critical JewelAttack Jewel
HandsBazel Vambraces (Beta)Critical jewelNA
WaistNergigante Coil (Alpha)NANA
FeetBazel Greaves (Alpha)Defense JewelNA
CharmAttack Charm III

i understand that i need a ton more jewels, and probably a better body to pull this off, but i'm gettin there. if you see a jewel that doesnt make sense, chances are, its just there because i have nothing better.

What should i be using for these elemental builds?


I've finished the flying kadatchi strike bow,Waterbow III, Nergal bow, and the Dragon bone bow III, but dont really understand the optimal way to set up for elementals, as in what traits to focus on. I have to assume stamina management skills are key, for shot spamming. i also assume this would rely heavily on critical element as well as Weakness exploit? does it also rely on elemental attack traits? E.G. Would it use the elemental charms?

Gear wise, would i be looking at something like this?

MainVaries by elementNANA
HeadDragonking Eyepatch(Alpha)NAlNA
BodyNergigante Mail (Beta)NAlNA
HandsRath Soul braces (Beta)NAlNA
WaistNergigante Coil (Alpha)NANA
FeetRath Soul Greaves (Beta)NANA
CharmInsert Elemental III of choice element

that would give me

  1. Weakness Exploit II
  2. Stamina Surge III
  3. Focus II (useless but not sure i want to give up the bonuses from the head/body/waist im using).
  4. Critical Element
  5. Attack II

So gem wise i'd need

  1. 3 Elemental Gems (slot two into bow)
  2. 1 Weakness exploit gem (Slot into Body)
  3. 1 Attack Gem ( Slot into body)
  4. 1 Powershot gem (Slot into head)
  5. 1 normal Shot gem (Doesnt look like i can slot this without taking the Rathsoul coil, and a different pair of footies/belts)

Am i close?

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