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How do you find the “right weapon”?

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So, it seems like a lot of people just have a weapon that clicks for them. but I can't seem to find it. I was able to stick with the lance long enough to beat the game but I derive no real enjoyment from it anymore. Simply put, I do not like poke,poke,poke nor do I like having a shield because I feel it makes things too easy. So I have tried a bunch of weapons after the fact. HH is nice, and the songs are cool but it can't cut tails and I like to be able to do that even if it isn't necessary. IG has amazing mobility and verticality which I like but while its DPS might be on part with other weapons, its individual hits are just so…unsatisfying. I have only tried it very very early game however, so maybe it gets better. GS is probably the closest I've come to finding the weapon for me. The massive hits, the fact that it is just a nice looking weapon, and also that it doesn't look bad when sheathed. The only thing that brings it down for me is that limited mobility, which I get is a trade off but I just dislike moving slow with my weapon drawn. Finally, LS. I haven't really used this one, even though its got good mobility and good damage, not GS level but respectable. Partially because I am not a huge fan of the spirit gauge mechanic, partially because while some designs are good others are really bland, and partially because it is the most used weapon. That last reason is kinda stupid but I see no reason to use a LS when there are other weapons that are (possibly) more fun that a large chunk of the playerbase isn't possibly already using. So, how do you find the "right weapon"? Experiment until you get it? Or do you just know from the get go?


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