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How do you play Gun Lance effectively?

MonsterHunterWorld1 - How do you play Gun Lance effectively?

I'm trying to pick up the Gun Lance and really struggling with it. I have almost 500 hours on MHW, most of it using either Charge Blade, Lance, and Bow, so I thought picking up another shield weapon wouldn't be too difficult. For all the other weapons I've started with watching Arrekz's guide on Youtube then just jumping in and getting used to it, but Gun Lance just doesn't feel right to me.

My first issue is blocking and dodging. I make heavy use of counter block with Lance to keep attacking all the time. Gun Lance however seems to really struggle with blocking since you have to wait for attack animations to completely finish to pull out your shield, and those animations feel really, really long. Frankly, the shield doesn't seem very useful at all except for blocking big, slow attacks. I end up leaning heavily on evading instead, since you can combo it out of poke and shelling attacks. Is this how I'm supposed to be playing it? What am I doing wrong here?

Second, I don't seem to output much damage at all. I'm using a Wide Gun Lance, and I mostly use poke -> shell -> repeat or triple poke -> shell -> repeat (reloading as necessary). The triangle + circle slashing attacks are powerful but seem so slow that I can really only use them against disabled monsters. Is this an effective way to use a Wide GL or am I going about this all wrong?

Input from any experienced Gun Lancers would be very much appreciated!

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