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How does Monster defense work?

MonsterHunterWorld4 - How does Monster defense work?

Whenever I browse kiranico to check a Monsters health for a quest, it shows a little defense percentage to the right of the quest name. The thing that confuses me is that the higher rank the quest is, the lower the Monsters defense number is.

For example, a G3 Great Maccao has 0.75 defense, while a village 2 one has 1.00. What gives? Do they make Grank/Highrank Monsters take more damage to offset the higher health? Or does the number represent how much defense their attacks ignore?


Side note: Do Monsters actually have less health depending on how many other targets there are for the quest? On kiranico, it lists three quests for Village Volvidon. Tumbling Troublemaker, a single monster mission where the Volvidon has 2,090 hp, Great Knuckleballs o' Fire!, a double Volvidon quest where both have a base hp of 1,634, and finally, Volcano Triple Play, a triple monster quest with two Volvidons listed with 1,862 health each and an Uragaan with 1,849. You see whats confusing? The triple quest should have less then the double but it has more and the double still seems a bit high if you ask me.

The only explanation that comes to mind is that the base hp is given modifiers as the quest loads, so while it's shown as 1,864 hp, it's really around 1,000. Idk though.


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