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How I came to love bagelgoose

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A little background before I get to the main point. I love monster hunter. When I was a kid I saw the E3 trailer for ps2 and knew I had to have that game. I didn't have the means to play online back then so I played the game entirely solo. It wasn't until a few years later I got the chance to, only to find out the servers were gonna be closed soon. So I did as many Fatalis, Lao, and Kirin fights as I could. Of all the original monsters; Khezu, Plesioth, Cephadrome, and all the rest, none compared to my favorite. This beast, covered in rock, was the epitome of a good fight to me. While every other monster would flee after a certain amount of time or damage, or just stay in the sky for forever, the Gravios was nothing like that. Once he saw you, the fight was on. And he would stay until one of you was dead. He would even limp to you to get the next attack off. I loved fighting him for this reason. Imagine my disdain when in every game after the Gravios became a runner and would hobble away at ridiculous speeds.

I've played every monster hunter since the beginning . I have a ton of experience of the games under my belt, especially having played mostly solo. So you can imagine my reaction when in June of 2017 there was a trailer for a new console monster hunter. This was it. A new monster hunter, in todays gaming world. I had to get this. I had to get my friends to get this. I showed them the trailer and they too thought it was amazing. But neither of them had even played a monster hunter game. So as the year neared its end, I started playing 4u with one, and eventually bought it for another. Needless to say we had a blast.

One of my friends went with the hunting horn. You'll never know the joy I felt having free doot buffs. The other started to main the insect glaive. I enjoy using a wide variety of weapons. Gs, sns, lance, hammer, ds, ls, you name it I had a build for it. Except insect glaive. It was a new weapon and it just didn't sink in with me. It wasnt that I didn't understand it. I just didn't like it's playstyle. At least in 4u. Whenever we fought something, there he was bouncing around, mounting, and shooting his bug out. I knew it was helping, but I knew it was a far cry from anything I was used to. We only got to play 4u for about a month before World came out.


So, all that out of the way lets skip to the topic here. Kib, our insect glaive friend, loved the new version of it. He loved how aerial it was, being able to dodge in midair and have much more control in general. We all helped each other through the main story and getting parts we needed for weapons and armor, but he almost always used the glaive. Not that I'm one to talk I have over one thousand quests done with bow. But the thing about Kib and his glaive? It didn't matter how tough the monster was. It could have had the power to one shot him, he would keep bouncing around. Many times we would say 'hey we need to back off it's too hot right now' so me and the other friend would run from the area, while Kib stayed behind. This isn't to say the guy was god mode, he'd die from time to time. But he always disregarded any call for a retreat in favor of dishing out more damage. Many times we ran because there were two or more monsters in the same room and we only had one faint left. Didn't matter, Kib just had to get those mounts and let the monsters fight each other.

Eventually we all make it to HR quests. I was the last one due to work related issues restricting how much time I could actually play the game per day. So I get to my first quest, which is to hunt a Pukei Pukei. I felt very confident I could take on a Pukei, even if he was in the desert for some reason. Kib was available and decided to join me on the quest. We go in, find it, start fighting it. I realize this Pukei is hitting way harder than normal. Yup, this is hr alright. As the fight continues, suddenly the music changes. My camera auto focus's to a new monster arriving. Its a giant angry pinecone in the sky. 'Uhh, Kib? Whats a Bazel…Guess?' Thats when I heard Kib for the first time ever say; 'We need to leave. Now.'

I've played many games with this guy, from terraria to dark souls and he has never said we need to run away from something. So when this wyvern showed up and he said we gotta go? You better believe I hauled ass out of the area. Bazel was hot on our ass and I'm just laughing like a gremlin the whole time. He was fighting us, and the Pukei! This guy was a huge bully! He's dropping explosives, hes doing dive bombs, he's just being a big ass hole in general! No one provoked him, he came on his own accord and decided to mess with everyone in this particular area. From then on, the more I saw this guy the more I appreciated him. Sure, he'd run away. But slowly he became my new Gravios due to how fun he was to fight. How easily he could ruin a quest just because he showed up at the wrong time, which was every time. Kib has sense learned how to defeat it and doesnt run from it anymore. But I'll never forget how a grown man who feared nothing in any other game ran from a bagel.

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