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How i got converted to being a lance main, And why you should check out the most under used weapon in world.

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So i want to start by saying that in MH3 and 4U i was a LS main and used hammer as my second weapon. In World i switched to being a Charge blade main with LS backup….

I was having a bit of trouble with tempered Kirin and tempered Kushala as CB or LS (Mainly due to my own mistakes)

It was at this point i tried out lance, Thinking "why not" and got the Uragaan 3 set bonus along with the Bazel head and chest at the advice from a friend of mine who played lance. Coupled with the earplug charm i was now immune to roars (Swap this out for attack 3 charm on monsters that don't roar much/have weak roars that the bazel will negate)

I got the trusty doggo lance and went to work. Lance makes every fight so simple. If you are struggling with a monsters moveset, Just sit and defend and then poke poke poke when you can. It may take a bit longer at first but eventually you learn when you can get one or two extra pokes in here and there. With the Uragaan 3 set bonus you can block everything. Kirin spamming lighting. Tank up. Teostra super nova and you are in a bad spot, Sod it, Tank up.


Of course this is not all there is to the weapon as it has surprisingly fantastic maneuverability with is charge and long hops. The amount of times i have simply side hopped a Nergigante charge or a Kushala wind breath. Another bonus being that the lance feels like the second best weapon to get mounts with apart from the IG as you get so many jumping attacks in just chasing the monster and jumping on the charge (Of course make sure the monster isn't counter charging. This requires a bit of monster knowledge to use effectively)

There are many other fantastic reasons to use the lance but i would rather you discover and fall in love with them yourself ( Part-breaking being a big one)

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I hope some other hunters give the lance a try, You will be surprised at how quickly you can drop monsters and although my gear has changed a lot since i first started using it (I got rid of the Uragaan pieces for other skills once i got the decoration to allow me to block everything) i still can tank anything and dish out some quite scary damage in return. Especially against monsters such as Diablos who the lance is basically a hard counter for and who was previously one of my most hated fights. Now he is just laughable and i actually enjoy getting Diablos/Black Diablos tempered investigations as i know it will be a 10 minute easy kill with 0 potion expenditure.

Happy hunting all.

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