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How I got the Kaiserin/Empress, True/Grand Toka, and the Master X armor

MonsterHunterWorld1 - How I got the Kaiserin/Empress, True/Grand Toka, and the Master X armor

So! You want to get the Kaiserin/Empress armor, the True/Grand (Grank) Toka armor, or the Master X armor. Maybe you want to get all three. However, if you were like me, you found little to no help via google, ranging from how to get just the regular Toka armor to how to get Kaiserin armor in other monster hunter games. Well I am here to show you the steps i took in order to get BOTH armor sets.

Phase 1: High rank

Step 1: Unlock the Toka armor. I followed this guide:

Step 2: Not gonna lie, I don't remember if unlocking Toka armor also involves doing Armory Granny's quests in Pokke. If it doesn't, Complete all of those quests from her.

Phase 2: G rank

Step 1: Unlike the previous phase, you don't have to rank break to get the armor sets, However, you do need to get to G4, and there is a catch. You need to complete a chunk of the key quests in G4 before the final quest will appear as a request. Those Key quests are: Beware Twin Horns on the Sand, Deviljho Hunt, Tracing the Family Tree, Emergency at the Arctic Ridge. Upon completing those and having a talk with the manager, you will unlock more quests, and more importantly, complete one of the conditions for unlocking this armor.

Step 2: in G2, complete the quests that need you to hunt both the Shogun Ceanataur (Naked Aggression) and the Basarios (note: I'm unsure if the Basarios quest you need to complete is That's No Rock… or Commission: Basarios, as i had done both in desperation).


Step 3: in G3, complete the quests that need you to hunt the hyper variants of the two. The quests are: No Place to Run and The Pinnacle of Good Records. Upon completing them both, Armory Granny will have a new request for you, Material Old Girl, which involves hunting both of them at the same time. If you were like me, this quest is a nightmare to get random people online to help you with.

Step 4: finally, the Legendary Artisan should now have a request for you: Fiery Four-way Fracas. This quest took me over 2 hours to complete entirely because in looking for random people, I got either people who were not strong enough or people who joined the lobby, saw the quest, and left. I had tried going to other lobbies and put the quest up, but i was met with every lobby just kicking me. Your greatest challenge in this step isn't the hunt itself, its getting a group that wont kick you for daring to put this quest on the board, or a group that can handle the quest. The latter being easier in my opinion.

Step 5: turn in the quest and you will be granted the Kaiserin/Empress armor (both blademaster and Gunner) put directly into your armor box, the design for the Master's X set, armor and the design for the True/Grand Toka armor.

I hope this saves a headache for anyone else who doesn't feel like taking the advice of "just complete all the quests and you will get it eventually". If I am wrong in any part of this guide, let me know as I took me around 2 weeks of googling around just to find bits a pieces of how to unlock this armor set, and thus, I didn't exactly catalog every little thing i did in unlocking this armor. Happy hunting!

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