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How I managed to solo Alatreon with GS after many many deaths

MonsterHunterWorld2 - How I managed to solo Alatreon with GS after many many deaths

Edit: To be clear, this is NOT my video. But I learned a lot from it

Just wanted to share my points on my journey to finally solo Alatreon.

First of all, my take on this fight is that you will need to be agressive. Waiting for really big openings won't be fast enough to meet the DPS check. So you will need to exploit as many openings as you can. Where normally you will just take longer to finish the fight, you will die now due to EJ.

I assume you know the basics of this battle, so won't go too much into that.

Prep work: I learned a lot from this video as GS main:

The build is Frostcraft + Velkhana GS. Fairly basic. I didn't have the handicraft+4 jewels, so I ended up with 2pts in handicraft and worked well for me. Coalescence is really nice to have, but I couldn't get it in… I augmented for health and element, half half.

In terms of mantles, I used rocksteady and evasion. I found the evasion one handy to learn dodging his attacks. If I'm not mistaken, only his DoT attacks and EJ are not evaded by rolling. All the others can be, and the evasion mantle will give you more leeway. Rocksteady can be handy to hit him during roars or for flinch shots.

What I would strongly recommend if you didn't do so already: use your buffs. Demon drug, demon powder, might seed and equivalent defense counterparts. If you die quicky, you can always abandon the quest and get your items back. I would not use a voucher for safeguard at the beginning, since you can't get your voucher back. And you will probably not finish him before you can eat again. Only use it when you are down to your last faint. To save some resources. I just eat for Attack L at the beginning.

Take nullberries and Max potions with you. And materials to craft more Max potions. Don't be a cheapskate and heal with a Max potion instead of two mega potions. It's much faster and therefore safer to do. Only use nullberries if you get dragon blight, you don't want to get into the situation where you run out and have dragon blight. Put them in your radial shortcuts! Saves you time!

Bring some whetfish scales with you. Ideally you want to keep your sharpness in purple. Especially if you don't have a lot of handicraft, you might lose sharpness before the first EJ. Whetfish sharpens much faster, therefore safer.

Bring your cat. Use the correct element! It will help in DPS check. In terms of gadget, it will depend on what you need. Healing is quite nice because it can potentially give you another life (if he doesn't kill you immediately after it). In my runs I use healing.


During the fight: If you are reading this, most probably you are still in the special assignment quest, in which he starts in Fire form. You don't have direct access to slinger ammo for example. There's some stones really close to you, which you can get before getting hit, but don't sleep over it. Having some on you during the fight is very handy, but you can do so when you have a better opening.

I highly recommend you watch the video, because it shows many openings you can exploit that I didn't know of when I first played. Basically nearly all his attacks can be punished, but you will need to be aggressive and stay close to him. Also: don't evade without knowing what he is going to do. Most of my hits/deaths come from rolling away and getting immediately hit after that. It's normal to roll as a GS user, but a slight pause after your attack, and then rolling through a claw swipe is much safer.

Your primary target is the head, consistently hitting it with lvl3 draw attacks will give you the DPS check you need. If things aren't going your way, say that he changes to dragon form before triggering the topple, focus on the front legs. You will deal more elemental damage that way. For breaking horns, this playstyle shouldn't have any problems in that. I regularly break his horn before getting to the DPS check. But flinch shot really helps in that, and you should be able to do it especially during the openings that you can perform lvl3 charge attacks. Also, flinch shooting him when he is flying will also do damage to the horns. As always, you can't do this when it's enraged.

Enraged Alatreon actually receives more damage, which he will be after flinch shots, so definitely worth to try when he is not enraged. But again, be careful, only do this when it's safe. Alatreon has many moves that can throw you off, or eat through your mantles.

It's good to have a Fire GS, just in case you get to the point that you have broken both horns and he switched. If you mainly die from his EJ, this is not needed that much. If you can get the DPS check normally and the horns break as well, dying to an EJ would probably mean he is in his Ice form. After EJ he will switch back to Fire, so you can still use Velkhana.

Again, if you are doing well and feel: this might be it! Use voucher+safeguard for another continue if you die and on your last faint. Stock up on items and finish him off!

Hope this will help someone to get their first solo kill.

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