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How Monster Hunter: World came at the right moment in my life

MonsterHunterWorld9 - How Monster Hunter: World came at the right moment in my life

Hey reddit,

Today I wanted to share with you my personal experience regarding the way I approached monster hunter world and how this game was able to fit just perfectly in my life.

It was 7-8 years ago when I bought a used psp from a high school classmate. The original reason was to be able to play Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, but after a while I found out a good amount of my close friends had one and used to play monster hunter freedom unite together. So I started playing that game as my first monster hunter experience, with my best friend helping me out understanding the game as he was well ahead of my level.
I eventually reached his level and from then we started playing together all through the hardest content of the game, from the golden rajang to the white fatalis. I remember those nights and afternoons after school spent together grinding monsters to build better armors and weapons, and damn if it was fun, we were hunting the same monster for hours and never getting bored of it. I remember the laughs and the swearings every time one of us was dying. I remember the feeling of accomplish something together and how that helped our friendship to grow stronger. I remember it all as a magic time of my life.

Time passed, we grew up, the chances to meet decreased as we were going through the last years of high school phase where nobody has time for anyone. We both got girlfriends, and I guess everyone can relate to how things in a friendship can change after that.

Almost 2 years ago the big break happened: I moved to another country to work.
Living in a new country alone gave me the time to think about the past and good moments spent with my best friend. I still kept the contact with him, but it was mostly via phone, nothing really comparable to the friendship it once was.
I remember one day I turned on again my psp and opened monser hunter and damn, that game looked so old.


Few months ago my best friend informed me that he bought monster hunter: world to try it.
I must say I didn't pay too much attention at start, as I was working full time I didn't have much time left to play and anyway I didn't really wanted to deal with all the efforts that it takes to get into a new game from scratch again, that's mostly the reason I don't like to play new games.

Two weeks ago it was time for steam sales, I think last game I bought was The Forest from mid-2018 since it was looking pretty straightforward and a game I could play to chill out.
I see Monster Hunter: World with 50% discount and I think again to the old MHFU times.
… I think more…
DEAL. By impulse, I charge 100€ on my steam account and I order myself a steam controller and a copy of the game.
I waited to play it till my controller arrived, didn't want to start the experience without the comfort of a controller.
In my mind I was already afraid to be let down, that the game wasn't good enough as it's usual of modern days, that my GPU from my 18th birthday was so crap it wouldn't even let me play decently in low settings.

I started playing on sunday and, oh boy if I was wrong…

The game was so smooth, the controls felt so familiar to the ones I used to play with on my psp (even tho at the start I was always looking for the second pad to move the camera, but I quickly adapted).

But the best thing ever was when I connected with my best friend.
5 years later we were again playing monster hunter together, talking and laughing in the vocal chat from two different countries, with him high level helping my noob-self like it all started.
I was almost in tears.

We are not playing after school anymore, now we have to do it after work.
I never felt our bound so strong since I left my hometown two years ago.

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It's going to be a wonderful journey!

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