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How much harder you think G-Rank is gonna be?

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Hi, Monster Hunter noob here. I see all the vets here talking about G-Rank and referencing old games, but I don't fully understand how hard it will be compared to the base game. Is it something like the jump from Low Rank to High Rank, or from regular High Rank monsters to Tempered monsters, or something like that?

I'm mostly asking because… The game is kinda easy for me. I don't want to brag, because I know some people have hit some pretty serious walls, and other people keep comparing it to Dark Souls because they think it's hard in the same way (please stop comparing everything to Dark Souls). But seriously, I solo'd Temp Kirin first try. Okay, the first time I tried to SOLO it. The real first try I wanted help (as I had heard Temp Kirin was a bastard, and I like playing with others!), so I SOS Flared some randoms in, and each one of the three hunters fainted once (I can't blame them, they were just probably spam-searching SOS Flares to get Streamstones etc, we've all been there). After seeing that, I decided I should do it with only my Palico and my trusty Odium by my side. The solo try took me like 35 minutes and two carts, but I really didn't want to waste my day retrying the quest over and over again, like I'd heard many people do, so I just played it extra careful and I guess got lucky?


My point is: even though Temp Kirin hits like a truck, it was fairly manageable in the end. Same with Temp Jho and the two Temp Bagels, and all the Temp Elder Dragons. I liked the added difficulty, but it really doesn't feel like enough, you know? Am I the only one thinking this? I'd like if they upped the difficulty and boosted the drop tables a bit to compensate, as I dislike the grind for some high-level stuff like Warrior's and Hero's Streamstones.

Disclaimer: I really DON'T like gamer elitism. If the game is just hard enough for you, good! If it's too hard, ganbatte! If it's unplayable because it's too hard for you, maybe it's just not your game! But if you dislike people for being mediocre or sub-par in the game, get a grip! We've all fainted on somebody else's one-faint Temp Investigation some time. Yeah yeah it was bullshit, but we've all done it 😛

So yeah, got a little side-tracked there, but TL;DR: do you think I'll get my ass handed to me by the eventual G-Rank and love every second of it?

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