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How to get Rathalos Marrow

MonsterHunterWorld4 - How to get Rathalos Marrow

So I am rank 8 (probably 9? I don't remember I just finished the Zorah Magdaros story quest) and I can't get the goddamn rathalos marrow. I read the Hunter's Notes and it said it is carvable from a rathalos low rank or is given as a reward from breaking the rathalos back.

I also read some guides and it says on Fandom Wiki that it is attainable from farming the optional quest power couple that one that you have to hunt a rathalos and a rathian in the ancient forest. So I did that like a hundred times and still no marrow carved or rewarded. I broke the rathalos back hundreds of time with my Karachi charge blade, nothing.. I made an insect glaive to mount the shit out of that stupid wyvern and break its back and what do I get in the extra rewards?


Break rathalos back: Rathalos fu*king Scale

I even got lots of rathalos plates that's pretty rare compered to a freaking marrow I guess.. not to mention all the rathian spines and rare items..

P.S. yes I tried to capture it and also did the arena quest and some investigation quests and break everything; back, head, wings and cut tail. Still no marrow.

Edit: I guess I'll have to wait for a high rank rathalos…


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