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How to Siege efficiently

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I have more than a few sieges under my belt now and here are my personal recommendations on how to be a Siege Superstar.

Begin the quest by pressing the "options" button (for PS4). This will skip the cutscene and create a sense of togetherness with your team because everyone has to press that button in order for the magic to happen.

  • What follows next is related to your pursuit level.

If you are at pursuit level 1 aka just starting the first round of Kurwa Taroth, your primary objective is to destroy everything you can and gather all the tracks and environmental assets to increase your reward level for the second round.

  • Mount as early as possible to get her all red and excited and then break everything you can. When you managed to get the first major break on the horns (with the carvable part dropping) ignore the horns for the rest of the run. Break her mantle completely. Bring a lightning weapon.

Don't drop boulders on her. I haven't seen boulders breaking anything off her, but they deal too much damage and can gimp you that way. See, you want to end the first round in area 3. There is nothing to gain for pushing Taroth to Area 4 on pursuit level 1. You won't get the major horn and even if you did, your reward level would suck major Giggi. She goes to area 4 only after she has taken enough damage and those boulders contribute largely to that.


If you've done everything well, you let her escape at area 3 and restart the quest. Your reward level should be about 7-10 depending on how many tracks and stuff everyone gathered and your pursuit level is likely 3 (or 4).

Now comes the tooltip warrior's dream. You start the fight, buff up, bring your favourite weapon and drop all the boulders. Mount as early as possible again to get her fire flowing and now you just go for the spot that feels best for you and go all out. Alternatively you just focus the horns all the time.


If you've done well you can get to her final form in area 2! She would still move to area 3 allowing for more boulder action to happen.

  • In area 4 you put on that fire-proof mantle and focus on THE TAIL. This is the last part that has to break before finishing the quest to get MAX GAINS on that reward screen. After you've broken the tail you break the horns and win.

So, if you've seen people not wanting to drop anything on her on pursuit level 1, this is why. If someone sent a sad sticker when you pushed her to area 4 at pursuit level 1, this is why again.

Hope that helps! Much Luck!

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