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How to tell a monster’s health and capture more efficiently.

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It's come to my attention a lot of people don't seem to know this, so I figured I would make a post about it, because why not? Too many meme's out there anyway.

Every monster drops a different type of slinger ammo. Piercing pods, thorn pods, bomb pods ect. The first one the monster drops, means he is at 30% health. The second one he drops, means he is at 20% health and the third one he drops means he is at 10% health. Obviously if you are using plunderblade, you'll get random slinger ammo throughout the fight, and this also does not apply to Xeno'jiva who drops slinger ammo for the sole purpose of knocking him out of the air.

How does this information benefit you? Two ways.

1.) Calculating a monster's approximate max health, to determine the best attack pattern for speed runs, as well as determining how much damage monsters do to each other.


2.) More efficiently capturing a monster. A monster can be caught at 25% health. That's correct, 25%! A monster will start to retreat at 19% health, unless its in the middle of an enrage, in which case it will finish the enrage then attempt to retreat. The skull icon on the mini-map appears at 19% health. The flat line on the radar in the bottom left also indicates a capture at 19% health. This means by using the pods you can capture a monster long before it even realizes its weakened. This means no more scaling Mt Fuji for Legianas, no more trekking the jungle trying to keep up with Tobi Kadachi and faster more efficient hunts. If you're using a heavy burst weapon like Greatsword, its fairly easy. After the first pod drops, hit it with 2 Tranq Bombs, then drop a trap, then hit it with one more TTS and it'll be auto-captured. The rest of the weapons need to get a good judge for how long it takes them to do 5% of the monster's max health in damage, and judge the trap on that after the first pod drops.

Here is some video proof. It's a bit of an old video, but it gets the point across. You'll notice the Legianas drops two pods and is still attempting to eat my face while I capture it.

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